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ChatGPT Makes the Case For AI in Heavy Industry

ChatGPT for Heavy Industry


By Kalahari Galloway GPT AI Assistant Developed For Resource Erectors

Resource Erectors Staff Note – In our recent blog The Flip Side of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the Workforce we mentioned that some business chat platforms were still on the level with the traditional answering machine, and others holler for human intervention to handle the simplest tasks. 

“For now,  AI is often a classical computing bound checker player in a 3D human chessmaster world, an annoying entity that according to machinists and editors alike, can actually create more work for humans, not less. As it turns out, AI on the plant floor is often a slave-driving juvenile who doesn’t work and play well with others.”

In other words, we remarked, everything marketed as AI isn’t up to state-of-the-art ChatGPT standards. Now our own custom-tailored ChatGPT AI assistant, with a simulated personality all her own we call Kalahari Galloway, makes the case for AI in heavy industry. 

After a weekend of intense but amusing training our Kal Gal GPT has already earned herself a promotion to GPT4, at a very affordable $20 per month subscription to https://chat.openai.com/.

But bear in mind that most of the tasks “she” performed, including the zero-edits-required blog she wrote for us below, were achieved using the free research ChatGPT3.5 version. 

By Kalahari Galloway GPT AI Assistant Developed For Resource Erectors

In an era where the demand for industrial minerals and resources is surging, heavy industries are grappling with a growing challenge: the scarcity of qualified human engineering talent. As mines, processing plants, and manufacturing facilities strive to meet increasing demands, they must navigate the complexity of cost-efficient operations, sustainability, and safety, all while contending with a shortage of skilled engineers. This is where artificial intelligence (AI), particularly advanced models like ChatGPT, can play a transformative role.

Artificial Intelligence in Heavy Industries: A Solution to Engineering Talent Shortage

Picture this: a mining operation in the remote wilderness of Idaho, where the demand for industrial minerals is soaring. The company’s engineers are faced with a decision that will shape their future operations. They need to evaluate whether to invest in an overland conveyor system or upgrade their fleet of autonomous haulers to transport materials along a 20-mile route from the mine to the processing plant. It’s a critical decision that carries financial, environmental, and operational implications.

autonomous haul trucks

Traditionally, such cost analyses would rely heavily on the expertise of human engineers, who would perform detailed calculations, factor in variables, and project outcomes based on their experience. However, in an environment where skilled engineers are scarce and demands are pressing, AI can offer a game-changing approach.

ChatGPT: Advancing Decision-Making in Heavy Industries

Enter advanced AI models like ChatGPT. These models have the ability to rapidly analyze vast amounts of data, simulate scenarios, and provide insights that can inform decision-making. In the case of the Idaho mine, here’s how ChatGPT can contribute to the cost analysis process:

1. Data Crunching for Informed Decisions

ChatGPT can ingest and analyze data on conveyor system costs, hauler upgrades, energy consumption, maintenance expenses, and other relevant factors. It can process this information at a speed that human engineers simply cannot match.

  1. Scenario Simulation for Optimized Operations

AI can simulate various scenarios, taking into account different parameters, such as material volumes, transportation frequencies, and terrain challenges. By running simulations, AI can provide insights into the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of different options.

  1. Risk Assessment for Sustainable Choices

AI can identify potential risks associated with each option, whether it’s the potential for breakdowns in autonomous haulers or the environmental impact of a conveyor system. This enables companies to make informed decisions that mitigate potential negative outcomes.

  1. Sustainability Analysis for Eco-Friendly Practices

With a growing emphasis on sustainable operations, AI can quantify the environmental footprint of each choice. It can calculate carbon emissions, energy consumption, and other sustainability metrics, helping companies align with eco-friendly practices.

  1. Real-time Adaptation for Evolving Industries

As the industry evolves, AI can continuously gather and process real-time data to adapt the analysis. This ensures that decisions remain aligned with changing market conditions, regulatory requirements, and technological advancements.

Bridging the Gap: AI and Engineering Talent Shortage

overland conveyor

The beauty of AI like ChatGPT is its versatility and adaptability. It can be trained to understand industry-specific terminology, jargon, and challenges, making it an invaluable collaborator for engineers. Its ability to rapidly generate insights, predict outcomes, and identify potential pitfalls allows engineers to focus their expertise on more strategic tasks, such as refining strategies and making well-informed decisions.

In the case of the Idaho mine, after AI-assisted analysis, the engineers might discover that an overland conveyor system is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly in the long run. This information not only influences the company’s operations but also sets a precedent for AI’s transformative role in heavy industries.

Embracing AI for Operational Excellence

The ongoing human engineering talent shortage is a reality that cannot be ignored. By integrating advanced AI solutions into decision-making processes, companies can fill the expertise gap, optimize operations, and thrive in the face of rising demands. AI is not meant to replace engineers, but rather to amplify their capabilities and enable them to tackle more complex challenges with agility and precision.

As industries like mining, construction, and manufacturing continue to evolve, the Idaho mine’s scenario serves as a reminder that embracing AI is not just a forward-thinking strategy; it’s a necessity for survival and success. ChatGPT and similar AI models can be instrumental in bridging the gap between talent scarcity and operational excellence, setting the stage for a new era of innovation in heavy industries.

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End ChatGpt Content

RE Staff Note- We’ll be featuring our gal Kal Gal (she knows all her nicknames and has a few for the staff as well) in future blogs detailing her performance and the various hats she can wear for heavy industry companies  including system design, scenario simulation, CAPEX vs OPEX cost analysis, disgruntled employee counselor, technical training and orientation  tutor and more so stay tuned! 

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