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Boss: Good Morning Kal Maggie. Check out this excellent article The Rising Power of AI in Construction at inc42.com for Part 2 of our Civil Construction Series. Feel free to toot your own AI horn based on this report. AI in Construction: Kal Mag’s Got This Under Control By Kal Maggie Gemini Pro 1.5 civil construction AI […]

Drones & AI in Construction: A Six Sigma Kal Gal Artificial Intelligence Assessment Hold onto your hardhats, folks, because your Resource Erectors’ AI gal Kal Gal is about to drop some knowledge bombs concerning the ROI of the drone revolution shaking up the construction industry! Drones on Civil Construction Sites: Worth their weight in gold? […]

Imagine waking up in a world where your daily commute is powered by the very roads beneath your wheels. Your autonomous electric vehicle glides silently over concrete highways and streets that feed it energy, eliminating the need for frequent stops to recharge. Lounging in the back seat while your car does the driving via centralized […]

Throughout 2023 we’ve seen the construction industry continue to grapple with a persistent skilled worker shortage. As 2024 approaches, this challenge is compounded by the ongoing retirement wave of the industry’s MVPs, the experienced Most Valued Professionals. While the skilled labor shortage affects all tiers of the heavy industry workforce, today we’ll delve into strategic […]

How Tailored Schedules Benefit Engineers, Plant Personnel, and Miners We hear a lot of fuss about innovative workforce perks these days, usually in the cushy settings of Silicon Valley, where ping-pong tables and video games abound and the data mining crowd enjoys a nap on the break room bunks with company-provided snacks.  OK, to give […]

The Looming Shortfall in Civil Engineering Talent According to a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the U.S. will need to replace 25,000 civil engineers each year to sustain its ambitious infrastructure projects. It’s important to note that this startling number does NOT take into account the enormous number of proposed large-scale […]

Wheeled loaders are arguably one of the most universal “essential equipment” assets deployed by our industry-leading clients in mining, aggregates, concrete, civil construction, and industrial minerals here at Resource Erectors.  In fact, it’s quite a chore to single out the rare company in our specialized sector that doesn’t rely on wheeled loaders at some point […]

  It’s not a new story for us here at Resource Erectors. Heavy industry has been facing human resource shortfalls year after year in the 21st Century as the boomer generation retires with no one behind in line to replace them. The engineer shortage is one that has its roots in the Great Recession, way […]

  The venerable diesel engine, the workhorse relied upon to liberate and move massive quantities of those “green machine” minerals and metals in the first place, may be more sustainable than a gullible public has been led to believe when material recycling, longevity, and durability are factored into the equation. Remanufacturing can resurrect an old […]

  In 2023 the heavy industry sector continues to meet the challenges of a perfect supply and demand storm consisting of a robust 21st-century construction boom while complying with the restrictive production inhibiting “green” policies often founded on obsolete 1970s environmental false alarms.  Building Demand For Essential Resources to Support a Population of 10 Billion […]

  Compared with a strong 2022, the year ahead looks to be a bit more challenging for the metals, mining, and construction industries. Despite the (potential) demand of a large number of road and infrastructure projects in the US, continuing high inflation and the threat of global recession continue to hamper optimism. Other global factors […]

  “Ian will go down as one of the most damaging and impactful storms in U.S. history, along with 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, which caused $190 billion in total damage and economic loss,” –  AccuWeather Founder and CEO Dr. Joel N. Myers Other notorious storms Myers noted include Irma, which was blamed for $80 billion in […]