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“More and more European companies are planning to expand their production in U.S. facilities or relocate their manufacturing to the U.S., especially for products requiring energy-intensive production.” – Industrytoday.com In the industrial world, events are on the move in the summer of 2023. As Elon Musk’s prolific X marks the spot where Twitter used to […]

“China is out there and is trying to win every race globally. The West must do everything it can to subvert its efforts and find alternative nations to work with,”  David Zaikin- CEO of Key Elements Group, alumnus and founder of the Mining Club at the London Business School- Inside Sources, March 2021 It’s not […]

High-Cost Energy Crunch Shuts Down Century Aluminum Plant in 2022 At Century Aluminum, 600 laid-off American workers in Hawkesville, Kentucky are paying the immediate penalty for the Biden administration’s aggressive push to green energy. With natural gas prices tripling under the Biden regime, the second largest US aluminum mill has gone idle, shutting down due […]

The top Resource Erectors employer requested hot keyword trends for Q2, March 29, 2022  heavy industry engineering sector: “Continuous improvement”…”ERP”…”Enterprise Resource Planning”…”Plant Layout”  ”Lean”…”Kaizen”…”Six-Sigma” “Project Manager”…”Reliability and Improvement”… Process Engineering in the Industrial Sector 2022 In Q1 2022 we kept up to speed on the problems and challenges faced by heavy industry companies operating in […]

  Producers of concrete, steel, lead, zinc, copper, and just about any other material essential to building and maintaining a robust infrastructure are the industrial scapegoats continuously under fire from the not so jolly Green Giant of global environmental policies. Heavy industry PR in the Green Giant era today, focuses on exorcising the now universally […]

  Resource Erectors Industry Watch: February 2022 Part 1 The consensus in the industrial world by February 2022 seems to regard 2021 as the year when companies across the board “got serious” about hitting ambitious Scope 1 and Scope 2 “carbon-zero” benchmarks. Corporations are ante-ing up with millions on the green energy table backed up […]

  The fragility of the global metals supply chain exposed by the pandemic shutdowns will continue to be the leading factor contributing to uncertainty in industries across the board. Now as the scramble to recover continues in 2022, the global metals supply chain could be tightening even further.

Resource Erectors Heavy Industry Watch 2022 US steelmaker stocks took a hit last week after an outstanding year for the North American steel industry throughout 2021. The sell-off came after one Canadian CEO fell on his own sword by predicting that the North American Steel market in 2022 is analogous to “a falling knife”. Share […]

Hydrogen vs. Lithium: Let’s get ready to rumble!  Last year we witnessed a notorious, knock-down-drag-out, public relations battle between two of the world’s most powerful and influential green energy moguls; even though the two billionaire contenders were never in the same room. Now the hydrogen sector of the green energy industry is swinging back hard. 

  Industry Watch 2021 at Resource Erectors From paving companies, to painters, to civil construction contractors, to electronics manufacturers, and even to the average American consumer, the ongoing resin shortage (and 251 other materials) in the US is causing repercussions across the board.  As we move into the final quarter of 2021 the US, the […]

  “July was the sixth straight month of double-digit price increases for construction inputs,” said Ken Simonson, the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) chief economist, in calling for President Joe Biden to immediately end tariffs and quotas on steel, aluminum, lumber and other essential construction items.”- DCN-JOC News Service-August 13, 2021 Hyper-volatility Driving Construction […]

  Industries in sectors ranging from minerals processing and rare earth metals, to concrete and aggregates, to gypsum materials are all initiating or following through in 2021 on strategic moves to cash in on sustainability trends. These tactics are being deployed to overcome the significant 2020 declines triggered by rampant covid 19 shutdowns.  We’ve reported […]