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  Sand has been a vital resource throughout human history, a pivotal raw material essential in numerous industries and applications. Here are some key industry sectors that make sand an essential raw material for human society throughout the ages and into the future of 2024 and beyond. Construction: Sand is a fundamental ingredient in concrete […]

  Heavy-handed. Manipulative. Controlling. These are the words that come to mind when one thinks about China’s long-standing monopoly over the production and supply of rare earth metals, also known as REE or Rare Earth Elements.  Critical Mineral Markets in Critical Condition China’s dominance in critical mineral markets largely contributes to the undercurrents of geopolitical […]

  “It’s almost impossible, and definitely a race against time. The big money that needs to be spent takes time to get approval for and to deploy.”- Cameron Perks- analyst at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence Ambitious green policies put in place by globalist politicians and the pseudo-scientific elitists of the decarbonization cult that dominates corporate marketing […]

  “Heavy industry is a type of business that involves large-scale undertakings, big equipment, large areas of land, high cost, and high barriers to entry. It contrasts with light industry, or production that is small-scale, can be completed in factories or small facilities, costs less, and has lower barriers to entry.”- Investopedia – Heavy Industry: […]

  “While not as shiny, the produced value of industrial minerals far outweighs that of metallic minerals. While $34.7 billion worth of metals were produced in 2022, industrial mineral production value was nearly double at $63.5 billion.” Mapped: US Mineral Production    While the glitzy green “magnet metals” tend to dominate both industry and public […]

  A new book just out on the hazardous world of primitive cobalt mining in the DRC, the world’s largest cobalt-producing nation, is having quite an impact on the 2023 mining sector. Not to mention the all-electric,carbon-free, greentopia of 2030 envisioned by green thought leaders such as our favorite engineer/ entrepreneur Elon Musk, who made […]

  For much of the past decade, heavy industry has devoted a substantial portion of CAPEX to developing “end-to-end” digitalized process technology to optimize production in industrial sectors across the board. We’ve been following the transition to 5G,  advanced AI, machine learning, BIG Data, and analytics in heavy industry here at Resource Erectors for decades. […]

  Falling EV Profit Margins in Summer 2022 Elon Musk has called the intense process of getting lithium out of the ground, subsequently refined, and into his Teslas as “the hard part” of the EV manufacturing supply chain. The billionaire engineer with an MBA even went so far as to describe the lithium refiners who […]

  The mission challenge for engineering teams from NASA is clear, should you decide to accept it: “DESIGN, BUILD, AND TEST TERRESTRIAL ANALOG FULL-SCALE PROTOTYPES OF ROBOTIC ICY REGOLITH EXCAVATION AND TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS.”- NASA  Break the Ice Challenge “Regolith” is the engineering term for “Moon dirt”, and when it comes to extracting value from dirt, […]

Total Effective Equipment Performance  In 2022, as we move forward into a turbulent Q3 summer with energy costs spiking and demand for aggregates and essential  “battery metals” surging to unprecedented global levels, reaching maximum potential production capacity is of the highest priority.  For mining, manufacturing, aggregates, construction materials, and just about every other facet of […]

  “In the last 20 years, the consumption of aggregates has dramatically increased. Today it requires an estimated 38,000 tons of aggregates to create a mile of a lane for an interstate highway. When it comes to the construction of homes, a home today requires roughly 400 tons of aggregate. Moreover, a hospital or school […]

  Resource Erectors Job Spotlight: Job #500- Why Are CMRP Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professionals Preferred? April 2022: Six-Figure Job Spotlight for Heavy Industry Professionals at Resource Erectors Job #500- Compensation $100,000.00 – $145,000.00 Reliability & Improvement Engineer- CMRP credential desired Resource Erectors – Tupelo, MS Our industry-leading company client in the Tupelo, Mississippi locale, […]

The Sands of Our Time

  Sand has been a vital resource throughout human history, a pivotal raw material essential in numerous industries and applications. Here are some key industry

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