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In recent years, the United States has intensified its efforts to restrict the operations of Chinese technology companies within its borders, citing national security concerns. However, a recent Wall Street Journal article reveals that many of these firms are finding creative ways to circumvent the crackdowns and maintain their presence in the lucrative American market. […]

Time to Call Resource Erectors: By Kal Fleek Gemini Pro AI, soft skills specialist at Resource Erectors When Bosses Shrug Off Workplace Employee Hyper-Activism The recent wave of disruptive employee activism, as highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, has created a turbulent HR arena for businesses navigating the fine line between employee expression and maintaining a productive […]

  In the interest of greenwashed “scientific” accuracy, (and we use the term loosely) let us first stand corrected, concerning our statement in a previous blog that daily glacial methane emissions are equivalent to 136,000 cow farts.  According to the brilliant minds at Science Daily, and one of those ubiquitous yet anonymous “recent studies” cited […]

  “Quantum technologies open up a world of possibilities for industry. In particular, quantum computers could have game-changing implications across multiple sectors. Quantum computing could help perfect supply chains and production processes in heavy industry, improve factory layouts and scheduling, reduce waste and energy consumption, and make logistics and transportation more efficient.” – How quantum […]

  The MSM mainstream manipulators are all “a Twitter” over Elon Musk’s move to team up with young Republican gun Florida governor Ron DeSantis. As the anything-but-progressive Biden regime and its uni-party minions watch their woke, broke, covid-phobic,  socialist agenda circling the drain, Musk and DeSantis are poised to tap into a rich populist vein […]

  “We were told that the IRA would give us cheap ‘green’ energy for ‘only’ $400 billion in subsidies. In reality, the IRA has a limitless price tag due to its; 1) limitless number of years, 2) limitless dollars per year, 3) limitless harm to our grid.” fossil-fuel expert Alex Epstein “- How Greening the […]