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High-Cost Energy Crunch Shuts Down Century Aluminum Plant in 2022 At Century Aluminum, 600 laid-off American workers in Hawkesville, Kentucky are paying the immediate penalty for the Biden administration’s aggressive push to green energy. With natural gas prices tripling under the Biden regime, the second largest US aluminum mill has gone idle, shutting down due […]

Is Any Sector More Essential than the Foundry Industry? According to a 2019 report at thebalance.com, the US manufacturing sector produces over 18% of the world’s goods and every dollar spent in manufacturing adds $1.89 in business growth in supported industrial sectors such as defense, utilities, retail, transportation, and business services. In our own report earlier […]

US Foundries: The Backbone of U.S. Manufacturing in 2019 and Beyond According to the American Foundry Association, metal casting fuels a $33.7 billion industry that directly employs 200,000 workers in the U.S. alone.