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Resource Erectors - Your for Mning & Minerals Careers

Recruiting Quality Talent for The Mining and Minerals Processing, Construction Materials, and Civil Construction Industries.

Hire the Perfect Match for Your Critical Role

Recruiting and presenting the top-quality professionals your team needs is our mission at Resource Erectors. With more than 20 years of experience in the mining, mineral processing, construction materials, and civil construction industries, we know how to find the best personnel for your role.

Our Screening Process

During our candidate screening process, we evaluate the skills and capabilities that a successful candidate should have before submitting them for consideration including:


  • Professional Education 
  • Years of Experience
  • Patterns and Frequency Rate of Employee Change 
  • Personality Traits 
  • Lifestyle and Family Dynamics 
  • Career Goals
  • And More

We Commit to the Process

We continue to support our clients during the interview process to further uncover the candidate’s strengths (and weaknesses) and determine what effects they may have on the individual’s ability to succeed at their duties with your company. After the candidate is hired, we continue to keep in touch with both you and the employee, to make certain the individual is adapting to the company culture and on-track to succeed with their duties. If requested by our client, we will aid in the coaching of the employee, to address areas where performance may improve and help the employee get on a path to success.

Candidates That Are Guaranteed to Last

We have a consistent history of placing quality candidates that become longstanding, positive contributors to the success of our client’s organizations – over 80% of the people we placed 5 years ago are still employed with our clients. Hire the perfect candidate for your critical role by partnering with Resources Erectors.

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