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Category: Geology

  The mining industry’s top geologists have already stepped up to the plate and hit home runs with major league mineral discoveries in 2023… But will unqualified politicians get out of the way and let the engineers round the bases to supply the grand slam demand for phosphate rock they themselves have created with their […]

The mission challenge for engineering teams from NASA is clear, should you decide to accept it: “DESIGN, BUILD, AND TEST TERRESTRIAL ANALOG FULL-SCALE PROTOTYPES OF ROBOTIC ICY REGOLITH EXCAVATION AND TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS.”- NASA  Break the Ice Challenge “Regolith” is the engineering term for “Moon dirt”, and when it comes to extracting value from dirt, there […]

  Lucrative Careers for Geologists in Heavy Industry Mining and mineral resource production and exploration Petroleum exploration Greenhouse gas sequestration Environmental consulting companies in all the fields listed above Natural resource management in both corporate and government sectors Like so many heavy industry professions in 2022, the “candidates job market” also applies to the geology […]