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A playful session of industry gossip and speculation at the AI watercooler with Kal Gal ChatGPT4, Resource Erectors Artificial Intelligence Team  EV vs hybrid in the green transition rodeo to rope the golden calf.  Boss: Elon Musk is our favorite billionaire engineer to follow, as you can see for yourself in the Resource Erectors archives at Google.  Now […]

Elon Musk’s proactive measures to counteract the AI engineering talent shortage underscore a pivotal trend within the tech industry. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Musk is elevating compensation for Tesla’s AI engineers to stave off competitive poaching, particularly from OpenAI. This move highlights not just a titanic clash over AI talent but also the […]

Our favorite billionaire engineer to follow, at least for SEO purposes, is sticking his massive green thumb in yet another mass-market pie. Or, using his recent folksy euphemism, milking yet another cash cow where once again “X” marks the spot.   xAI to open-source their Grok chatbot, in an attempt to rival ChatGPT. The lawsuit move […]

  A Groundbreaking Hydrogen Refueling Station in Australia: In a landmark achievement that propels Australia to the forefront of clean energy innovation, the country’s first hydrogen refueling station at a retail fuel site officially opened its doors last August. Situated at one of Brisbane’s busiest service stations, BP Lytton, this pioneering facility marks a significant […]

  “Heavy industry is a type of business that involves large-scale undertakings, big equipment, large areas of land, high cost, and high barriers to entry. It contrasts with light industry, or production that is small-scale, can be completed in factories or small facilities, costs less, and has lower barriers to entry.”- Investopedia – Heavy Industry: […]

Elon Musk Prepares to Start Tunneling Project at Las Vegas Convention Center After years of planning and months of waiting, Elon Musk’s, The Boring Company (TBC), will begin construction on the Las Vegas Underground Loop System on Friday, November 15th.