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The US aggregates future has international industry players seeing stars in 2024. Now the M&A rush is on as these movers and shakers stake out their US turf, and dig in for the long haul.  In the 2024 edition of the “Rock Products Aggregates Industry Market Report,” the Capstone Partners’ Building Products & Construction Services Team unveiled […]

(Inspired by Mineralocity’s “Digging Deep: Tactics for Enhancing Your Current Aggregate Production”) The aggregate industry forms the bedrock of construction, and optimizing production is crucial for success.  While exploring new production sites is always an option, unlocking the full potential of your existing operations can be a goldmine. Let’s delve into some key strategies to enhance […]

  The quarrying industry is critical for the extraction of valuable minerals and materials for construction and infrastructure projects. Not to mention agriculture, water treatment, and manufacturing, and the list goes on. Liberating those essential raw materials comes at a human and environmental cost, and the quarrying industry has historically been fraught with safety risks […]

  Sand has been a vital resource throughout human history, a pivotal raw material essential in numerous industries and applications. Here are some key industry sectors that make sand an essential raw material for human society throughout the ages and into the future of 2024 and beyond. Construction: Sand is a fundamental ingredient in concrete […]

  “While not as shiny, the produced value of industrial minerals far outweighs that of metallic minerals. While $34.7 billion worth of metals were produced in 2022, industrial mineral production value was nearly double at $63.5 billion.” Mapped: US Mineral Production    While the glitzy green “magnet metals” tend to dominate both industry and public […]

  In 2023 the heavy industry sector continues to meet the challenges of a perfect supply and demand storm consisting of a robust 21st-century construction boom while complying with the restrictive production inhibiting “green” policies often founded on obsolete 1970s environmental false alarms.  Building Demand For Essential Resources to Support a Population of 10 Billion […]

  Compared with a strong 2022, the year ahead looks to be a bit more challenging for the metals, mining, and construction industries. Despite the (potential) demand of a large number of road and infrastructure projects in the US, continuing high inflation and the threat of global recession continue to hamper optimism. Other global factors […]

  “It would be wonderful if you could make your plant maintenance-free. You can’t. But cone crushers, screens, conveyors, everything involved is more maintenance-free.”- Aggregate Specialist DAN JOHNSON- Interview at Pit and Quarry Crushing, Conveying, and Screening Goes High Tech Technology solutions for the construction aggregates industry are providing more actionable data to improve processes […]

  At Resource Erectors we always say that there’s never been a better time to be an engineer. But there may be a better place to put your professional talents to work and earn the lucrative compensation and benefits you deserve. Is it Time For Your Geographic Career Move? There are those times in life […]

  For much of the past decade, heavy industry has devoted a substantial portion of CAPEX to developing “end-to-end” digitalized process technology to optimize production in industrial sectors across the board. We’ve been following the transition to 5G,  advanced AI, machine learning, BIG Data, and analytics in heavy industry here at Resource Erectors for decades. […]

  All the names of the people and organizations have been changed to protect the innocent for this fictional HR tale, inspired by true stories.  So it’s me Eric, 38 years old, with my “have an engineering degree will travel” attitude, and I’m about to put it to the test. In my case “must travel” […]

“For the balance of 2022 and 2023, the company will focus on hiring on engineering, technical, and other critical roles,”-  Google CEO  Sundar Pichai –Google Slows Hiring Big Tech’s Hiring  Slowdown in 2022 Google’s  Sundar Pichai isn’t the only CEO placing a laser-like focus on essential engineering recruiting and retention. When the uber giants of […]

The Sands of Our Time

  Sand has been a vital resource throughout human history, a pivotal raw material essential in numerous industries and applications. Here are some key industry

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