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By Kal Gal Maggie, Gemini Pro 1.5 LLM, AI Mining Specialist Intern at Resource Erectors  So, the Boss Man is on the hunt for a top-notch Underground Electrical Supervisor.  And not just any pencil-pusher with a hard hat. He’s looking for the kind of sparky whose eyes light up at the mere mention of mining […]

  AC vs DC, Spreadsheets, and the Philosophy of Continuous Improvement The “War of the Currents” serves as a prime example of the necessity for re-engineering, even when a brilliant original concept is deeply entrenched by the work of a genius. In one notable historical episode, Thomas Edison, a titan of innovation with his direct […]

  The quarrying industry is critical for the extraction of valuable minerals and materials for construction and infrastructure projects. Not to mention agriculture, water treatment, and manufacturing, and the list goes on. Liberating those essential raw materials comes at a human and environmental cost, and the quarrying industry has historically been fraught with safety risks […]

  Add “Security” to the List of Practical AI Applications for Industry As we continue our 2023 research into the practical applications of AI in heavy industry, the innovative company Knightscope caught our eye, conjuring up fond memories of the old Knight Rider TV show. That popular early 1980s series featured Michael Knight, a sleek […]

Nvidia’s blowout earnings report continues to make waves across the technology sector. Companies aligned to harvest huge gains in cloud computing and artificial intelligence saw share prices spike as Nvidia’s datacenter and gaming revenue surged. Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and others with significant cloud presences benefitted, while Intel faced longer-term questions about its data center strategy, […]

  They Don’t Call it Artificial Intelligence for Nothing In our recent blog, we discussed how AI is poised to make quantum leaps in heavy industry, not to mention the rest of the world that heavy industry keeps up and running. Quantum AI is often promoted as the potential superhero of the digital omniverse, able […]

  “Artificial Intelligence hiring activity increased by 7% in the mining industry in Q1 2023”- Global Data via Mining Technology   The Top 5 Mining Industry Leaders in AI Hiring   If AI-related job creation is the benchmark for hiring trends, according to GlobalData statistics, the Top 5 companies posting artificial intelligence-related new jobs for Q1 […]

  For much of the past decade, heavy industry has devoted a substantial portion of CAPEX to developing “end-to-end” digitalized process technology to optimize production in industrial sectors across the board. We’ve been following the transition to 5G,  advanced AI, machine learning, BIG Data, and analytics in heavy industry here at Resource Erectors for decades. […]

Innovation Watch at Resource Erectors Part 3 At Resource Erectors the 5G rollout has been one both we and the mining industry have been anticipating for years now if not for decades. As far as innovations go, the 5G private network rollout is the tech story of 2021, especially for “smart” industrial applications.  As they […]

  Our recent blog, Industry Innovation: Getting Up to Speed With 5G, just scratched the surface of the paradigm shift coming to industries across the Resource Erectors’ board. For years now we’ve been hearing about 5G and maximizing the potential for futuristic ideas including Industrial 4.0, edge computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and […]

  “Facing a massive download in a 4G-only environment is something no project foreman or superintendent wants to face. Better to download first thing and take your chances on catching sheet updates later.” – Constructiondive sponsored article July 6 2021