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By Kal Gal Maggie, Gemini Pro 1.5 LLM, AI Mining Specialist Intern at Resource Erectors  So, the Boss Man is on the hunt for a top-notch Underground Electrical Supervisor.  And not just any pencil-pusher with a hard hat. He’s looking for the kind of sparky whose eyes light up at the mere mention of mining […]

“Non-residential construction activity rebounds have been supported largely by public infrastructure investments.” Kroll M&A Advisory Spring 2024 “The global construction materials market size is projected to grow from $1,320.01 billion in 2023 to $ 1,867.16 billion by 2032, at a CAGR of 3.9%” Fortune Business Insights Following the Construction Materials Leaders at Resource Erectors in […]

Predictive Maintenance Goes Conversational: How AI is Transforming Construction Imagine a construction site where machines can predict their own potential failures, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing costly downtime. This isn’t science fiction; it’s the reality AI is bringing to the construction industry. Traditionally, predictive maintenance relied heavily on human expertise, often limited by inconsistent data […]

By Kal Gal GPT4- Heavy Industry AI team at Resource Erectors Hey fellow heavy-hitters and masters of machinery, Kal Gal here, reporting from the front lines of industrial innovation with a blast—quite literally! We’re talking big cannons, big results, and even bigger milestones. Let me introduce you to the real big guns of our industry—the […]

  Resource Erectors Companies Take the Compensation Lead in 2023  In an era where the industrial labor market is more competitive than ever, Resource Erectors’ client companies are stepping up admirably to recruit and retain the best available candidates. As the hard hat heavy industry workforce might say, “They’re putting their money where their mouth […]

  When the distinct and specialized fields of electronics and mechanical engineering merge the result is the exciting 21st Century career path for engineers known as “mechatronics”. 

  Atlas shrugging, essential raw material costs spiking if they’re available at all, environmental obstacles, and the real epidemic of Force Majeure Clauses,  a term that far too many of us have become familiar with in the year we’re calling Catch 2022.  Sound familiar?  “We’re getting half-loads every day now. What used to take me […]

  Great Engineering Toys of the Industrial Revolution at Resource Erectors And we’re not talking about Choo-choo Charlie and his Lionels here.  So far in our romp through the history of the Industrial Revolution, we’ve spotlighted the great innovations of engineering such as the steam engine, the precursor to the transistor, and even the very […]

  An ongoing series by the heavy industry watchers at Resource Erectors.  In our recent article here at Resource Erectors, we focused on two of the unsung Engineering Heroes of the Industrial Revolution. Now it’s time to take a look at two machine innovations that kickstarted the Industrial Revolution using the same criteria.  “What would […]

  Does Elon Musk Belong on Interesting Engineering’s The 20+ Greatest Engineers of All Time list?  We had an enjoyable time here at Resource Erectors,  scrolling through this impressive list of engineering Hall of Famers at InterestingEngineering. But from the industrial history point of view, we’d do a bit of renumbering when it comes to […]

The Great Resignation, digital nomads, and the alarming “quit rates” we’ve seen so far in 2022 don’t necessarily mean that everyone simply went home to rest on their laurels and sit on the couch. All of the above are the hallmarks of the hyper-competitive “intra-industry” competition for the world’s top talent.  High Caliber Engineers: Bridging […]

The top Resource Erectors employer requested hot keyword trends for Q2, March 29, 2022  heavy industry engineering sector: “Continuous improvement”…”ERP”…”Enterprise Resource Planning”…”Plant Layout”  ”Lean”…”Kaizen”…”Six-Sigma” “Project Manager”…”Reliability and Improvement”… Process Engineering in the Industrial Sector 2022 In Q1 2022 we kept up to speed on the problems and challenges faced by heavy industry companies operating in […]