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Category: Lean Six Sigma

DevOps: Prioritizing Uptime and Productivity  Adopting advanced backup strategies has become a game-changer in the fast-paced world of heavy industry, where uptime and productivity are paramount. What is the secret to unlocking this efficiency and resiliency? DevOps, the transformative approach, is shaking up the manufacturing sector. Traditionally, heavy industry, and particularly manufacturing, has relied on […]

An AI analysis by Kal Gal (Gemini Flash LLM), Kaizen/Six Sigma expert at Resource Erectors To ensure I’m covering all the bases, I’ll break the analysis down into a few key areas:   1. Sustainability Goals and Progress in Construction Materials    2. Innovative Products and Solutions   3. Operational Efficiency and Continuous Improvement   […]

“Non-residential construction activity rebounds have been supported largely by public infrastructure investments.” Kroll M&A Advisory Spring 2024 “The global construction materials market size is projected to grow from $1,320.01 billion in 2023 to $ 1,867.16 billion by 2032, at a CAGR of 3.9%” Fortune Business Insights Following the Construction Materials Leaders at Resource Erectors in […]

It’s May, and the peak of the North American construction season has commenced. As we prepare to roll into an industrious 2024 Q3 summer, it’s a time to focus on the builders, the architects, the civil engineers, and the construction project management masterminds behind the structures that shape our world!  Building a Better Construction Industry at Resource […]

Total Effective Equipment Performance  In 2022, as we move forward into a turbulent Q3 summer with energy costs spiking and demand for aggregates and essential  “battery metals” surging to unprecedented global levels, reaching maximum potential production capacity is of the highest priority.  For mining, manufacturing, aggregates, construction materials, and just about every other facet of […]

The top Resource Erectors employer requested hot keyword trends for Q2, March 29, 2022  heavy industry engineering sector: “Continuous improvement”…”ERP”…”Enterprise Resource Planning”…”Plant Layout”  ”Lean”…”Kaizen”…”Six-Sigma” “Project Manager”…”Reliability and Improvement”… Process Engineering in the Industrial Sector 2022 In Q1 2022 we kept up to speed on the problems and challenges faced by heavy industry companies operating in […]

Moving Up the Mining Engineer Career Ladder The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics employment forecast for mining engineers is projecting continued growth at 8% for the ten-year window 2016-2026. With the demand for coal, metal, and minerals ever on the rise to meet the needs of growing markets for construction materials, […]

Good News For the 2019 Aggregate Market is Good News For Mining Professionals

One Bachelor’s Degree + 5 Years of Mining Experience = Career Advancement Opportunities Are you a professional with 5 years of mining industry experience and a bachelor’s degree in engineering, geology, or business? If so, then you’ve already paid your entry-level dues in time, training, and sheer effort. Now may be the perfect time to cash […]