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  With the latest 1.9 trillion dollar Covid 19 relief spending bill now heading to the White House for approval, tunnel project spending has become quite the political football. House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s pet subway project in her California home district, ridiculed by opponents as “Pelosi’s tunnel of love”, lost $140 million in funding after […]

  Tunnel construction is a complex engineering task due to the difficulties and logistics involved in boring and digging over extended distances underground. However, thanks to advances in equipment technology, complex tunneling construction projects are accomplished throughout the world. The tunnel boring machine (TBM) has made the engineering and construction of these tunnels possible, a […]

In August of 2020 Tunnel Business Magazine published an eye-opening analysis of the exorbitantly high cost of US tunnels when compared with similar underground infrastructure projects around the world. The first and worst case cited was New York City’s Second Avenue Subway which opened to the public on January 1, 2017 after racking up an […]

Federal, State, and Local Governments Are Moving to Upgrade Infrastructure The American Road and Transportation Builder’s Association (ARTBA) is projecting at least 5% growth in the transportation infrastructure construction sector in 2020, according to the ARTBA annual report. In their December 2019 press release, ARTBA’s chief economist, Dr. Alison Premo Black stated:

Elon Musk Prepares to Start Tunneling Project at Las Vegas Convention Center After years of planning and months of waiting, Elon Musk’s, The Boring Company (TBC), will begin construction on the Las Vegas Underground Loop System on Friday, November 15th.

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