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By AI Winchester III, Gemini Pro LLM, Heavy industry and geopolitics specialist at Resource Erectors Ladies and gentlemen of heavy industry, I stand before you today to address the critical issue of lithium and its impact on the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage. The current lithium market, with Red China’s manipulated pricing […]

  Heavy-handed. Manipulative. Controlling. These are the words that come to mind when one thinks about China’s long-standing monopoly over the production and supply of rare earth metals, also known as REE or Rare Earth Elements.  Critical Mineral Markets in Critical Condition China’s dominance in critical mineral markets largely contributes to the undercurrents of geopolitical […]

  The mining industry’s top geologists have already stepped up to the plate and hit home runs with major league mineral discoveries in 2023… But will unqualified politicians get out of the way and let the engineers round the bases to supply the grand slam demand for phosphate rock they themselves have created with their […]

  “Phosphate in North America is depleting. In terms of purified phosphoric acid (PPA), you cannot create any more of it. It’s already being used for food. There’s not a lot of extra capacity for the battery, but batteries are going to require a lot more PPA,”- First Phosphate CEO John Passalacqua.   There Ain’t […]

  No, we’re not talking politics here, no matter how well that moniker could apply to so many greenster “thought leaders” in their super-hyped quest for “carbon neutrality”. As we spring into April 2023, Green Giant Google is awash with stories about the recent breakthrough scientists in Japan achieved, and it’s not an April fools […]

  Green transition nations are seeing red over China’s rusty supply chain. In 2023 “delinking” from China is the move to make. “Using the Global 500 list as a benchmark, the US and China still pack about equal punch, though the weird hybrid of “communist capitalism” has OEMs in the rest of the world looking […]

“China is out there and is trying to win every race globally. The West must do everything it can to subvert its efforts and find alternative nations to work with,”  David Zaikin- CEO of Key Elements Group, alumnus and founder of the Mining Club at the London Business School- Inside Sources, March 2021 It’s not […]

  A new book just out on the hazardous world of primitive cobalt mining in the DRC, the world’s largest cobalt-producing nation, is having quite an impact on the 2023 mining sector. Not to mention the all-electric,carbon-free, greentopia of 2030 envisioned by green thought leaders such as our favorite engineer/ entrepreneur Elon Musk, who made […]

  “While other battery metals including cobalt and nickel are down significantly from highs hit earlier this year, lithium continues to sell at record prices with carbonate prices doubling this year alone.”-  ANIMATION: Race is on for global lithium mining domination-mining.com Battery Metals are a Long-Term Priority for Miners and Manufacturers “At today’s price, Tesla […]

  Falling EV Profit Margins in Summer 2022 Elon Musk has called the intense process of getting lithium out of the ground, subsequently refined, and into his Teslas as “the hard part” of the EV manufacturing supply chain. The billionaire engineer with an MBA even went so far as to describe the lithium refiners who […]

  As escalating nickel prices had the world’s leading green innovator hollering for more sustainable nickel mining, it turns out that Elon Musk had some proven alternative battery technology up his sleeve.  “Iron man Elon Musk places his Tesla battery bets” the April 27 Reuters report, calls it a “pivotal development” in EV manufacturing that […]

  The fragility of the global metals supply chain exposed by the pandemic shutdowns will continue to be the leading factor contributing to uncertainty in industries across the board. Now as the scramble to recover continues in 2022, the global metals supply chain could be tightening even further.