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  Gold Still Glitters in the Mining Industry In the whirlwind of 2023, where everyone’s buzzing about green energy, and battery metals like lithium and nickel are the hot topics, there’s still an old rock star beckoning on the exploration stage. Of course, we’re talking about the constant quest for gold.   “The dominant role gold […]

  “Goldman Sachs Group Inc. this week forecast copper to trade at $6,700 in the next three months, a 22% downgrade from its previous outlook.” – Copper price rebounds despite weak economic activity in China- Mining.com “Unfortunately, right now trying to locate a hard bottom in copper is proving to be a difficult task. China, […]

  As escalating nickel prices had the world’s leading green innovator hollering for more sustainable nickel mining, it turns out that Elon Musk had some proven alternative battery technology up his sleeve.  “Iron man Elon Musk places his Tesla battery bets” the April 27 Reuters report, calls it a “pivotal development” in EV manufacturing that […]

  Underground Mining Will Always Be a Challenge-Part 2 As the global economy transitions to the brave new “green giant” economy, demand in 2022 for underground mined resources is skyrocketing. Many heavy industry engineers are estimating that global demand for essential MMM, (Mined Metals and Minerals) will increase by a factor of at least 10 […]

  The impressive Q2 numbers for mining players like Endeavour Silver Corporation, a silver mining company out of Vancouver, British Columbia, are yet another example of the 2021 “silver lining” in the Covid 19 cloud that lingered over the global economy in 2020. 

  Greenland is living up to its name in more ways than one in our politically driven green energy age. The world’s largest island now finds itself square in the middle of a precious metals rush of supreme strategic importance to the world’s leading superpowers, the US and China. Both nations are participating by proxy […]

  Despite the Covid 19 economic obstacles to be overcome in 2020, the precious metals sector managed to log quite an impressive record. Gold bullion even managed a 25% leap, its best year since 2010 to close out the decade. As impressive as gold’s performance was in 2020, silver still managed to outpace the world’s […]

  “We have been concentrating so much on the digital expansion, and developing new platforms, that the world has neglected the physical side of the global economy.” Small Caps AU- December 22,2020

Thanks to greater industrial and jewelry demand, silver has become a highly valued investment in 2020, hitting record-high prices. According to a report by The Silver Institute, as of June 30 global silver holdings hit a record high of 925 million ounces, accounting for approximately 14 months of mine supply. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, crisis-driven investors continue to act bullish on precious metals. Gold, silver, and palladium have all rallied to highs during this pandemic ecosystem, with platinum as the exception to the rule. Obviously, there are a few reasons the demand for  precious metals has boomed. Investors are uncertain of the global economic situation, precious metal […]

It’s been a chaotic few years in the precious metals industry. Global tensions arising from trade deals and Chinese production concerns rocked the past few years. And, in 2019, we saw unprecedented shareholder payouts due to reduced debts nearly across the board. To top things off, Trump signed a preliminary trade deal with China in […]

Despite Declining Auto Sales, Industry Demand For Palladium Rose 2% in 2019 Stricter emissions regulations around the globe are sustaining the palladium rally of the past decade and precious metals experts at Metals Focus are predicting that the metal so vital for efficient catalytic converters will continue to rally strong in 2020. Stringent regulations now […]