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Category: National Security

  Heavy-handed. Manipulative. Controlling. These are the words that come to mind when one thinks about China’s long-standing monopoly over the production and supply of rare earth metals, also known as REE or Rare Earth Elements.  Critical Mineral Markets in Critical Condition China’s dominance in critical mineral markets largely contributes to the undercurrents of geopolitical […]

“With each new pledge and plan to accelerate renewable energy deployment and build the homegrown electric auto industry of tomorrow, we are financing enormous mineral demand while doing little more than paying lip service to building the industrial base needed to supply it.”- Katie Sweeney-Billings Gazette

In our November 16, 2020 Resource Erectors article we took a look at how two industry-leading North American mining companies in Canada and the US are teaming up to ensure a reliable domestic “mine to magnet” supply line, one that will significantly reduce or even eliminate Communist China’s disruptive interference. At a time when worldwide […]

  Communist China is increasingly more aggressive about establishing a death grip monopoly on the world’s critical mineral supplies. Now two North American companies are partnering under the auspices of the U.S. – Canada Joint Action Plan on Critical Minerals to optimize high-tech rare earth element (REE) technology development.  The collaboration in an integrated “mine-to-magnet […]

  While President Trump easily shrugged off the coronavirus and emerged from Walter Reed hospital “feeling better than I have in 20 years” he certainly isn’t shrugging off the ongoing threat of communist China and the death grip the Communist Chinese Party is trying to establish and maintain with a worldwide monopoly on rare earth […]