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The US aggregates future has international industry players seeing stars in 2024. Now the M&A rush is on as these movers and shakers stake out their US turf, and dig in for the long haul.  In the 2024 edition of the “Rock Products Aggregates Industry Market Report,” the Capstone Partners’ Building Products & Construction Services Team unveiled […]

  Resource Erectors Industry Watch Q3 2022 In part 1 we looked at the rising demand for recycled gypsum in the booming construction industry of 2022, and how building contractors are even more under the gun when it comes to the high cost of material production and eventual transportation to job sites.  Under runaway inflation […]

  Resource Erectors Industry Innovation Watch Q4 2021 Unless you’ve been living under an uncrushed rock yourself, it’s not breaking news for heavy industry professionals that the demand for metals, minerals, and construction aggregates is reaching unprecedented levels in industrial sectors across the board.  Affected industries range from precast concrete to civil and residential construction, […]

  Industry Watch 2021 at Resource Erectors From paving companies, to painters, to civil construction contractors, to electronics manufacturers, and even to the average American consumer, the ongoing resin shortage (and 251 other materials) in the US is causing repercussions across the board.  As we move into the final quarter of 2021 the US, the […]

  The February 10th 2020 article at Civil and Structural Engineering Mag caught our attention with this bottom line justification for advanced office-to-field remote asphalt paving control: “Improve paving productivity and rideability by directly referencing the design rather than a surface or stringline to minimize asphalt usage, reduce waste and overruns and finish projects on […]