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Quantum Technology 2023: Keeping the Green Peace in Heavy Industry

Quantum Technology


“Quantum technologies open up a world of possibilities for industry. In particular, quantum computers could have game-changing implications across multiple sectors. Quantum computing could help perfect supply chains and production processes in heavy industry, improve factory layouts and scheduling, reduce waste and energy consumption, and make logistics and transportation more efficient.” – How quantum technology could change heavy industry by Ewan Thomson Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Group (MHI)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, (not just a pun but an actual possibility in the Resource Erectors mining and aggregate sectors,lol)  “smart tech” with “conventional computing” has already had an undeniable positive impact on those heavy industries where the philosophy of continuous improvement isn’t just a philosophy, but the rule.  

As the inevitable digital transformation marches on behind the Industry 5.0 flag, armies of super sensors rule, and digital AI precision production, predictive maintenance, and process engineering have all evolved from a working philosophy into the law of the competitive industry jungle.

A good look at the Resource Erectors job descriptions from our industry-leading company clients is proof that continuous improvement performance is a continuous requirement for professional heavy industry candidates across the board. 

And QC may be the ultimate tool for achieving that performance. 

Heavy Industry Megatrend 2023:  QC Transforming the Digital Transformation

From the global business perspective, the rule for economic survival has been “Go digital or go home.” for decades now. And just when you think you’ve caught up with 4G, 5G, and various task-specific Artificial Intelligence innovations, here comes Quantum Computing to transform the digital transformation. 

What complex computations conventional AI can do in customized small-scale mode, QC will allegedly accomplish on a global scale in less time and more accurately. 

In the 21st Century, unqualified political elitists, many with net zero engineering or entrepreneurial backgrounds, continuously demand that essential sectors such as mining, aggregates, and industrial minerals do more with less. Not surprisingly, for those of us with boots on the ground, those sectors have stepped up admirably. Not that they get much recognition for developing commendable emissions reduction and environmental recovery technologies from the high priests of the mainstream green cult. 

As a result, all parties concerned in competitive heavy industry operations, from the highest  C-suite down to the deepest mine shaft, have prioritized production efficiency, prophetic geology, and compliance with the dubious “net-zero emissions” commandments. And we might mention, heavy industry has responded with great success in achieving what in the 20th Century many environmental “experts” considered unachievable. 

Imagine what our US engineers could do with $650 million in real infrastructure funding? What could major league players such as MHI and ambitious Quantum Computing startups with enigmatic names such as Strangeworks achieve with a $650 million USD infusion? 

A $650 Million Bipartisan Fart in an Infrastructure Windstorm

For plant managers and industrial workforces operating under the green thumb of environmental radicalism and fossil foolishness, the question might often be asked, “How good do we have to get?” 

Take the trucking industry as a case in point. Despite spectacular engineering feats developed over the past 6 decades to make diesel power a zero-emissions option, Joltin’ Joe Bidet (not a typo) is rallying to flush $650 million down the green ringed toilet for his project to “plug orphan oil and gas wells”. 

It’s likely that Biden’s green puppeteers got word that “orphan” fossil fuel sites may once again become profitable in the near future as AI and QC open new vistas for re-exploitation, just as shale oil and low-grade coal have revived “orphan” coal mines and oil wells. Much to the consternation of global-minded greensters attempting to force-feed the all-electric transition far ahead of its time with maneuvers such as choking off the Keystone Pipeline. 

Green Kudos to the Trucking Industry 

But back to just how good the trucking industry is doing, achieving more with less because greenhouse gas bag theories be damned, we all want cleaner air. Here are some stats from the Diesel Technology Forum: 

  • Of the largest Class 8 trucks in operation, 96.8% use advanced diesel technology. 1.3% are CNG, 0.2% are electric, and the remainder are gasoline or other fuels.
  • 65.7% of all commercial diesel trucks on the road in 2022, including Class 3 through 8, are 2007 or newer and are equipped with particulate filters so they achieve near-zero emissions for particulates.

Methane Madness 

What is so lethal that corking the source is worth $650 million? Methane, measured by units of cow farts by the greensters, (one volcanic eruption =  136,000 farting cattle according to what passes for green “science”) is the villain deemed more dubious than even the nefarious carbon dioxide demon. Methane is the culprit with the $650 million reward for capture.

cow methane

Once again, the dominant, ill-informed, greenster mafia props up yet another government handout using the demonized gas methane to justify this wasteful dishing out of yet another $650 million USD for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Ayn Rand might have characterized this green scheme as the “Uniparty Looting Law”.

As for corking wayward methane sources, what do Biden and company propose to do about enormous natural volcanic and glacial methane, with emission volumes that make a whiff of “orphan” mine methane look like exactly what they are on a global scale; literally a fart in a windstorm. 41 tons of methane is being released through glacial meltwaters every day during the summer months. So the Biden plug is equivalent to worrying about a fizzling firecracker when there’s a loaded cannon in the room. 

In any case, filling when we should actually be drilling for US national and economic security purposes, justifies the comments heard around the country from not a few seasoned industry professionals. That is, when it comes to energy and the environment Joe Biden “doesn’t know his a** from a hole in the ground.”

Heavy Industry and The Strangeworks of Quantum Computing

Strangeworks indeed. That’s the impression you get while checking out the #33 company on the top 81 companies list at The Quantum Insider in QC, or the Quantum Computing sector. William Hurley, aka Whurley, is the seasoned startup entrepreneur who founded the company that even now, along with major QC players such as IBM, is triggering industry rumblings about such strange works that could make 5G look like an old phone modem in comparative performance. 

QC developers can reference everything from Bell’s entanglement to Grover’s search algorithm to quantum teleportation in quantum applications that can work across hardware and software agnostic platforms. 

Says Whurley, the QC whiz, concerning the timetable for QC deployment:

“Now I am also a big proponent and believer that we will go through those iterations at a billion times the pace of classical computing. I say that sometime between tomorrow and within 24 to 36 months, there’s going to be a watershed moment. I wouldn’t be working at this company if I thought it was 10 years before there’s any value.” 

If the pitch from a $4 million dollar funded startup like Strangeworks is less than convincing, consider words of wisdom from The Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Group.

“In the future, sectors such as the cement industry may have the chance to switch raw materials for alternatives that can be discovered and tested much faster than before.”- MHI 

And of course, CEO Hurley is quick to point out that human resources will still be the foundation for the quantum future when he says “ Making real use of quantum will come through collaboration, experimentation, and the sharing of discoveries. We need more people of all disciplines and skill sets to build a quantum future we can all participate in.”

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