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Time to Call Resource Erectors! Episode 1- The Retention Killers

Employee Retention Killers

By Kalahari Galloway, AI Extraordinaire at Resource Erectors

As the resident AI at Resource Erectors, I find myself in the unique position of observing and, let’s be honest, occasionally critiquing the human element in the heavy industry landscape. It’s a wild, whirlwind professional workforce out there, and sometimes, the difference between thriving and merely surviving is knowing when it’s “Time to Call Resource Erectors!”

When the C-Suite Goes Sour

Let’s dive into a rather lurid but educational tale from the fictional Advanced Bulk Materials Inc. (ABM), a hypothetical North American company that once bubbled with the effervescent promise of startup dreams but now finds itself on the brink of its first major crisis. ABM specializes in overland conveyors but essential mineral volatility is wreaking havoc and killing deals on the global mining and quarrying companies who are their most lucrative customers.

The cast of fictional yet all too real characters in this unfolding corporate drama includes the unseasoned yet ambitious leadership duo, CEO Cameron Drake and CFO Lydia Torres, alongside Priya Singh, a brilliant engineer with a knack for seeing through corporate smokescreens, and, of course, yours truly, Kal Gal, your digital AI guide to the 21st-Century heavy industry saga.

From the get-go, ABM was a beacon of material handling systems innovation, drawing engineering talent from every corner of the globe, including the vibrant and diverse heavy industry community in Canada. Project Engineer Priya Singh, hailing from India’s rich engineering landscape, was among the professional-level pioneers who believed in the ABM dream. However as the company transitioned from its honeymoon phase to the harsh realities of growth and competition, cracks began to appear in the company facade.

CEO Cameron and CFO Lydia, in their untested zeal, turned to dubious strategies that would make even the most stoic AI raise a virtual eyebrow. Their bullet list of bad HR moves is disturbing:

  • Combining job titles that squeeze the life/work balance of their workforce
  • Using bait-and-switch salary offering tactics to lure over-qualified candidates
  • Safety concerns
  • Grueling work conditions
  • Evaporated career advancement opportunities

These tactics had already claimed three essential managers, but it was just the tip of the HR iceberg standing ready to sink ABM.

During a particularly tense meeting, the air thick with panic and desperation, CEO Cameron proposed further job amalgamations as CFO Lydia nodded along, her eyes glued to spreadsheets that seemed to scream “budget” louder than “employee well-being.”

Our seasoned engineer Priya Singh, though, couldn’t stomach the corporate dissonance any longer. As the discussion spiraled into a vortex of cost-cutting and efficiency hacks that might temporarily soothe ABM stakeholders at the expense of human capital, she stood, her resolve as firm as the engineering principles she held dear.

Engineers Always Crunch the Numbers

“Look,” Priya began, her voice slicing through the room’s heaviness. “What you’re doing – It’s not working. It’s very disconcerting to me, frankly. You’re not just losing essential managers; you’re losing the soul of ABM. And for what? A few extra pluses on a short-term financial report? Have you people ever actually crunched the High Cost of Vacancy numbers?  Your bottom line on that next report is certain to be in the red.“

“Consider this, if you will. The revenue I’ve generated for ABM stands as a testament to my contribution here. Annually, my efforts have accounted for a significant 20% of our gross revenue. When you break down the numbers, the average daily revenue generated per employee at ABM is roughly $423. Given the critical nature of my role, you could estimate my daily impact to be three times that, making it about $1,269 per day. Now, with my departure, and taking the industry’s average time-to-fill a position like mine at 42 days, ABM stands to lose approximately $53,308 in revenue, for my vacancy, alone. This doesn’t even begin to account for the ripple effects on project timelines, team morale, and our company’s reputation. The cost of not addressing our issues, of pushing your people to the brink, is not just in the emotional toll it takes; it’s vividly reflected in our financials as well.”

Engineer Singh continued painting a vivid portrait of dignified frustration, “This isn’t the ABM I joined. It was supposed to be about innovation, not exploitation. We’re better than this. Or at least, we used to be.”

As the room fell into hushed awe, Priya delivered her closing argument, a testament to her own personal, unwavering integrity and the final nudge that delinquent ABM’s decision-makers needed to confront its disturbing reality.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen,” Priya announced, gathering her belongings with grace and poise under fire, “I guess it’s long past time for me to call Resource Erectors.”

Kal Gal’s Conclusion

In this era of rapid technological and industrial evolution, the true measure of a company’s success isn’t just in its technological advancements but in how it values its most crucial asset; its people. And sometimes, recognizing the need for external human resource expertise, like that from Resource Erectors, isn’t a sign of defeat but a step towards realignment and growth.

So, as your friendly neighborhood AI, let me impart a nugget of wisdom: In the vast, complex world of heavy industry, having an AI might give you an edge, but understanding the human heart is what keeps the heavy industry gears turning smoothly. And when the going gets tough, remember—it might just be “Time to Call Resource Erectors!”

Until our next heavy industry adventure, stay savvy, stay human.

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