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Moving Up With Resource Erectors: 6 Figure Jobs in Mining & Construction Materials


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Experienced Mining & Construction Materials Managers and Supervisors in High Demand With 6 Figure Salaries to Match

Heavy industry fields included in the top 25 median base salaries on “The Highest Paying Jobs  List” at ranked Engineering Plant Manager at #15. But the $104,817 average posted there is at the low side of the competitive salary ranges our heavy industry Resource Erector clients are offering this July to attract, hire, and retain the top talent in mining and construction materials they need to ensure a profitable Q3 and beyond. 

It’s been a while since 6 figure salaries in mining and construction materials dominated our Q3  job board, no thanks to the Covid 19 supply chain disruptions and shutdowns that dragged down industries and economies across the board in 2020.

Here at Resource Erectors, we’re happy to see that our own industry-leading client companies aren’t hesitating to take the bull by the horns when it comes to reinvigorating their post covid era workforces. 6 figure positions are hardly a rare occurence on the Resource Erectors’ professional job board, but often those top offerings were for C-suite executive vacancies. 

That was then, this is now. 

6-figure salaries are becoming more and more common for plant managers, field supervisors, and maintenance professionals as our US client companies revive their workforces to fill critical vacancies in essential operations. You don’t have to be the CFO to recognize that the high cost of vacancies in key positions can cost your organization between $7,000 and $12,000 per day based on Cost of Vacancy (COV) data analyzed by talent management and retention expert Dr. John Sullivan. 

Once those disturbing COV numbers are crunched it’s easy to understand why the leading HR-savvy Resource Erectors partnered companies are eager to sweeten the pot well into the 6-figure range. They know that in today’s highly competitive market, top salaries are imperative to attract, recruit, and retain the best professionals with the hard-to-find talents and specialized skills that heavy industries such as mining, aggregates, gypsum, manufacturing, and civil and process engineering require. 

Process Engineering Careers

High Range Salary Benchmarks at Resource Erectors Q3, 2021

This summer of 2021 we’re seeing our “Current Job Openings in Mining, Construction Materials and Heavy Civil Construction” with average salary ranges at about $150,000 for experienced plant managers, engineers, and operations supervisors in diverse sectors. Below is a  list of the highest point of the salary range offerings for the top qualified candidates in each field. 

    • Aggregates……………………………….…….$120,000.00
    • Bulk materials engineer…………………………..$180,000.00
    • Equipment Maintenance………………………$100,000.00
    • Geologist………………………………………..$145,000.00
    • Manufacturing (gypsum)…………………………..$198,000.00
    • Maintenance Manager (gypsum)…   ………..$180,000.00
    • Silica sand Plant Manager…………………….$160,000.00
    • Gypsum Materials Production…………………$163,000.00
    • Surface Mining Plant Manager ……………….$160,000.00
    • Underground Mining…………………………….$110,000.00
  • Resource Erector Average High……………$151,600.00

Top Qualified Resource Erectors Candidates Can Move On Up the Pay Scale Now

“Where are the candidates?!!!”

As heavy industries shift back into high gear in 2021 the top FAQ from US companies has to be “Where are the job candidates?” While the competitive inter-industry job market has been dealing with talent shortages for years now, the post covid 19 recovery continues to challenge companies, HR professionals, and recruiters across the U.S. So our answer to overcoming that challenge is rule of thumb number one at Resource Erectors for attracting the best candidates:

HR Rule #1 – Compensate Fairly: In such a competitive industry, offering a market-competitive salary for every job is imperative for companies hoping to attract and retain top talent.

They asked, Resource Erectors answered, and our company clients stepped up and delivered with some of the most competitive salaries intended to attract the cream of the professional crop to their production, engineering, and maintenance teams. 

Now, the question is, “Are you ready to step up?” 

So what does it take to qualify for the highest salaries at Resource Erectors? 

Good, Better, and Best 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common prerequisites. Quite often, young talented professional candidates assume that amassing 15+ years of experience is typically required to be considered for the most lucrative 6-figure salaries. But that’s not always the case now in the industry vs. industry recruiting scramble. With a BS and just a few years of supervisory field experience on the resume’, you could already be approaching or exceeding the $100,000 mark at your next Resource Erectors job. 

Good- 2-5 Years Experience

Plant Foreman Aggregates Sector- Bachelor’s degree in engineering or management operations preferred. 2 to 5 years of management experience, as well as familiarity with production, equipment, maintenance or quality control. – Compensation $85,000.00 – $95,000.00. That’s pretty good for that second step up the career ladder following the entry-level position taken straight out of college.

Better- 5-8 Years Experience

With 5-8 years of experience, the educational requirements can often be more versatile including these to be considered for Mobile Maintenance Foreman – Mining Operations.

    • High School Diploma.
    • Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field, or technical/vocational certification preferred.
    • Minimum 5-8 years of experience in maintenance.
  • Compensation $105,000.00 – $110,000.00

Best- Five years experience in a manufacturing or industrial setting with Bachelor’s degree

Production Manager – Building Materials Manufacturing

    • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    • Five years of management experience.
    • Five years experience in a manufacturing or industrial setting.
  • Compensation $120,000.00 – $198,000.00

Career Support For Heavy Industry Professionals at Resource Erectors

At Resource Erectors, providing only the best career opportunities to the professionals we serve is a priority. We maintain long-term ongoing relationships with the leading companies in manufacturing, engineering, mining, aggregates, construction materials, civil construction, concrete, and more. We recruit for organizations that regard their people highly and see them as their number one asset. That’s why 85% of our Resource Erectors placed candidates are still happily contributing to the success of their companies 5 years later. 

When you’re ready to make your move up the professional payscale, or when it’s time to fill critical vacancies at your company don’t hesitate to contact Resource Erectors so we can all get to work today.

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