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Between a Rock and a Good Place: Six Figure Career Paths in Geology at Resource Erectors

Geology Careers


Lucrative Careers for Geologists in Heavy Industry

  • Mining and mineral resource production and exploration
  • Petroleum exploration
  • Greenhouse gas sequestration
  • Environmental consulting companies in all the fields listed above
  • Natural resource management in both corporate and government sectors

Like so many heavy industry professions in 2022, the “candidates job market” also applies to the geology field. With one of the highest employment rates of all the heavy industry professions, demand for qualified geology professionals is also driving competitive salary ranges well above the 2021 statistic cited below: 

“Job prospects for geologists are strong and growing. Employment for geologists is over 99% with an average salary of approximately $80,000 (see here). Typical jobs include environmental consulting and mediation, energy exploration and production, mining, or geological engineering. Secondary and higher education are also strong fields for geologists.” – Why Study Geology? University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The Most Competitive Salaries for Geologists at Resource Erectors

$80,000 per year? That’s not a bad salary average in any field and a 99% employment rate is outstanding when one of the priorities for your career plan is your future job security. But we can do better. 

Here at Resource Erectors, our decades of Heavy Industry connections to the industry-leading companies in the industrial sectors listed above give us a bit of an edge when it comes to bringing the top competitive salaries to the table for the top geology professionals. 

In other words, when it comes to Geologists, Resource Erectors rocks. Sorry, we couldn’t help it. 

But since geologists happen to be among the happiest folks in their professions, and those graduates most satisfied with their choice of degrees, according to the University of Illinois Geology Department and a recent UK university survey,  we thought you’d appreciate a bit of humor. 

Raising the Grade of the Geologist Pay Scale for 2022 and Beyond

Looking back to the summer of 2021, we saw many of our company clients raising the bar significantly, even aggressively, when it came to tapping the top talent in the  geology sector of human resources. By the summer of 2021 the top end salary range at $145,000 for geologists was far from uncommon. 

Our most recent 2022 posting for a geologist in the Industrial Minerals sector is a good case in  point. The position compensation is also way above the $80K year 2021 average, at $100,000 to start for the right geologist candidate with:

  • A university degree in geology
  • Alternatively, a suitable combination of appropriate education and at least 3 years of practical experience.
  • Sound knowledge of geology and grade control methodology including database software.
  • The ability to monitor plant quality control results as they relate to feed stone selection and blending, ore processing, and maintenance of consistent feed stone to the plant.
  • Monitor and track quarry production and development volumes as well as costs and associated budgets.
  • Maintain and update quarry geologic maps and cross-sections and assist with revision of geologic models as needed.
  • Maintain and update quarry production and development maps and cross-sections for economic quarry planning.

In the industrial minerals sector, geologists are involved at every stage of the game from exploration, to extraction, to production. But their responsibilities don’t end in the field. The geologist is often the professional called upon by the c-suite to support planning and development of future operations and reclamation projects. So the industrial geologist can usually count on some travel as part of the job. 

And if a globe-trotting career is what you’re after, the world is wide open for geologists.

Especially when “there’s gold in them there hills”. 

Mining Geology Careers

2 Galantas Gold Geologists at the Peaks of Their Careers

We tend to focus at the beginning of a career path whenever the subject comes up, but let’s look at the progress that can be made with just 10 years of experience as a Senior Geologist and at the highest end of the experience range, with 54 years as a Chartered Geologist.   

Canadian company Galantas Golds Chief Geologist Sarah Coulter brings 10 years of experience to the table and with a PhD from Queen’s University in Belfast. Dr. Coulter is now responsible for overseeing the 4,000-meter drilling program at the Omagh Project. The Northern Ireland gold project has yielded positive results including the intersect of 31.7 grams per ton (g/t) gold and 58.5 g/t silver over 7 meters at the main Kearney Vein, as announced last March 21, 2022.

The Omagh Project Advisory Board Member John Arthurs is the widely traveled geology professional with 54 years of far-ranging experience in both the mineral industry and in government service. 

During his tenure at the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, John Arthurs led the first geochemical survey of the Dalradian rocks in Northern Ireland. The survey yielded the first published indications of gold and the first modern description of the Dalradian structure and stratigraphy in the region, still used today. With his mapping and exploration reputation well-established, Chartered Geologist Arthurs went on to conduct exploration in 15 countries for various gold and base metal mining companies. 

Make Sure We Can Find You in the Resource Erectors’ Geologist Talent Pool

If you’re an experienced industrial mineral/aggregates geologist with these qualifications you’ve just been included in the ideal candidate category for a lucrative career path at Resource Erectors but we have to know about it to include you in the elite geologist talent pool.  

Make sure to submit your updated resume to Resource Erectors and let us know that you’re ready to move up the career ladder to claim a salary that’s more commensurate with your talents, skills, and experience. 

About Resource Erectors

Specialized heavy industry professionals need the specialized human resource connections that Resource Erectors has been bringing to the recruiting and placement field for decades now. We have the corporate connections to place geologists with the industry-leading companies who value their talents most, companies that recognize that their human resources are among their most precious resources. 

We work with the top heavy industry companies to build their competitive dream teams in aggregates, mining, underground construction, minerals, civil construction, bulk materials, gypsum, foundries, and of course engineering in every way, shape, and form. When you’re ready to rock in your profession,  you’re ready for Resource Erectors so don’t hesitate to contact us today and we can all get to work.

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