Chinese Graphite Exports
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Red China’s Graphite Export Controls: Green Profiteering Could Put the Global Transition Economy in the Red

  Communist Red China is at it again. But have they pushed the green mineral profiteering envelope too far? With near-monopoly chokeholds on the majority of essential battery and magnet minerals, Red China poses the greatest threat to overshooting the 1.5°C benchmarks that so many organizations in the West have…
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Musk Paves the Way For Ron DeSantis

  The MSM mainstream manipulators are all “a Twitter” over Elon Musk’s move to team up with young Republican gun Florida governor Ron DeSantis. As the anything-but-progressive Biden regime and its uni-party minions watch their woke, broke, covid-phobic,  socialist agenda circling the drain, Musk and DeSantis are poised to tap…
2023 Mining Construction Forecast
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A Look Ahead: Metals, Mining, & Construction Outlook in 2023

  Compared with a strong 2022, the year ahead looks to be a bit more challenging for the metals, mining, and construction industries. Despite the (potential) demand of a large number of road and infrastructure projects in the US, continuing high inflation and the threat of global recession continue to…
Construction Aggregates
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Advancements in the Construction Aggregate Industry

  “It would be wonderful if you could make your plant maintenance-free. You can’t. But cone crushers, screens, conveyors, everything involved is more maintenance-free.”- Aggregate Specialist DAN JOHNSON- Interview at Pit and Quarry Crushing, Conveying, and Screening Goes High Tech Technology solutions for the construction aggregates industry are providing more…