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Green Tech Mining: Digging to Fill Amazon’s Order For 100,000 Electric Vehicles

  When the world places an order the mining industry delivers. But will the radical, regulatory, environmental left get out of its own way when it comes to expanded mining operations for complex green technology support?  Amazon is making quite a  big deal out of their order for 100,000 Rivian…
Minnesota Iron Ore Mining
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Mining Jobs Take Priority Over Traditional Politics in the US Iron Belt

6 mayors in Northern Minnesota, a state in the heart of the US Iron Belt, have broken the long-standing tradition of their fathers and grandfathers by abandoning the Democrats and the Biden presidential campaign. As the Democrats rush farther and farther to the left, mayors, traditional Democrat communities,  and industry…

A New Approach to Mining Small Critical Mineral Deposits

European Union Innovators Think Smaller May Be Better For Critical Mineral Mining Mining investors are traditionally lured by the big ROI (Return on Investment) supported by the “economies of scale” characteristic in “world-class” large deposit operations. This understandable investor bias makes it difficult to finance smaller operations for critical minerals…
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Nanotechnology Increases Platinum and Palladium Performance

Platinum and Palladium Are More Precious Than Ever Palladium is making headlines once again in 2019, with no end in sight for the surge in price that began in 2018. In this October 2019 report at, Palladium Outshines Platinum as Prices Climb to Record Highs, the platinum versus palladium…
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Demand for Gypsum Mining and Wallboard Manufacturing At An All-time High

Demand for Gypsum Mining and Wallboard Manufacturing At An All-time High Gypsum and wallboard manufacturers understand the importance of embracing new ideologies and practices ensuring long-term success. In doing so, they need to strike a balance to meet shareholder expectations as well as preserve their existing market and business positions. (more…)