construction boom challenges
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Population and Construction Boom Challenges in 2023

  In 2023 the heavy industry sector continues to meet the challenges of a perfect supply and demand storm consisting of a robust 21st-century construction boom while complying with the restrictive production inhibiting “green” policies often founded on obsolete 1970s environmental false alarms.  Building Demand For Essential Resources to Support…
Not In My Backyard
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Aggregates 2022: Hard Times For Rock Producers is Business as Usual

  It’s called the NIMBY effect and no global industry is more universally challenged by “Not In My Back Yard” opposition than the mining and quarry sectors. Except perhaps the nuclear power industry, and in either sector, rarely is the opposition justified.  (more…)
recruiting construction & engineering
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The State of the Engineering & Construction Industry 2022

  The more things change, the more they stay the same!” That seems to be the legacy of 2021 for “industries across the board” as we like to say when describing the scope of our heavy industry recruiting services here at Resource Erectors.  As we put the workforce and supply…
Construction Aggregates
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Construction Aggregates Innovation in 2022: No Time For Downtime

  Resource Erectors Industry Watch Q4 2021 24/7 optimized production is the rule in construction aggregates rather than the exception now.  Aggregate operations by the end of 2021 are under the gun and have no time for downtime. Not with a market share of nearly $74 billion on the table…
Saint Gobain
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Thriving in the Global Green Economy: Companies to Watch in 2022

Resource Erectors Industry Watch Q4-December 2021 The industry watchers here at Resource Erectors were happy to see the 11 November press release from construction materials and energy industry giant Saint-Gobain, announcing a substantial 400 million USD investment earmarked for expanding the US gypsum industry and more in the domestic construction…
Infrastructure Bill
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Is There an Infrastructure Spending Bone Under All That Trillion Dollar Green Pork?

Resource Erectors Industry Watch Q4 2021: What a difference a year makes. Last year in October 2020, we reported that President Trump had rightly declared a national emergency in the US mining industry to secure reliable domestic mineral and battery metal resources, all to meet explosive demand in the brave…
Evergrande China
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Evergrande and Red China in the Red: Can China Deliver in 2022?

  Resource Erectors Q4 2021-2022 Heavy Industry Review Part 1 China is facing soaring raw material costs, weakened manufacturing, a widespread power shortage, and the explosive Evergrande Effect in the real estate sector.  This November the inevitable Evergrande collapse looms large and ripple effects from China are beginning to rumble…