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Musk Paves the Way For Ron DeSantis




The MSM mainstream manipulators are all “a Twitter” over Elon Musk’s move to team up with young Republican gun Florida governor Ron DeSantis. As the anything-but-progressive Biden regime and its uni-party minions watch their woke, broke, covid-phobic,  socialist agenda circling the drain, Musk and DeSantis are poised to tap into a rich populist vein of “right-leaning, anti-establishment politics that has gained currency in recent years among the tech set in the Bay Area, Austin, and Miami”, according to the Politico article DeSantis needs a new Republican lane. Elon Musk might be paving it.

What’s Good For EM is Good For the Country?

Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis are already under fire by the Mainstream Media for a deal that borrows directly from the global medical mafia covid jab playbook, with a signed bill CS/SB 1318,  that shields SpaceX and other space companies from liability. When liability shields are the subject these days, one is tempted to quip that “What’s good for the medical mafia is good for the PayPal mafia”. 

“The law provides liability immunity to a spaceflight entity “for an injury or death of spaceflight participant or crew resulting from a spaceflight activity,” under certain circumstances. The bill requires space companies [to] provide a warning statement for crew members to sign.”- DeSantis Rule Shields Space Companies From Liability

What’s come to be known as “The DeSantis Rule” also benefits other billionaires in the privately orchestrated space race that has become business as usual in the third decade of the 21st Century. But before we get down on billionaires in general, those perennial scapegoats of populist propaganda for the uninformed, let’s crunch the space business numbers. 

The DeSantis (Musk) Rule is especially beneficial for space players in Governor Ron DeSantis’ home state of Florida, where Cape Canaveral and more than 17,144 aerospace-related companies reside, contributing more than $19 billion in revenue to the state’s economy, according to Florida’s Aerospace and Spaceport Development Authority. 

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Amazon’s commercial satellite Project Kuiper join Elon Musk’s Starlink and the UK government’s OneWeb, owned jointly with Bharti Global, in the race to replace cumbersome obsolete satellites. Together these three conglomerates are currently the most prominent players in the commercial satellite market, a booming Big Tech sector with the ultimate goal of providing broadband internet access worldwide.

The Commercial Satellite Space Race

The Commercial Satellite Space Race 

According to Statista data:

  • The U.S. accounted for 3,433 satellites as of April 2022. 
  • China had 541
  • Russia owned 172. 

Combined, the three nations represent about 53% of the estimated total of 8,261 satellites in orbit as of January 2022. 

Space engineering firm BryceTech put the total value of the global space economy at $368 billion in 2021. That total includes $142 billion in ground equipment and networking gear.

Earth-orbit satellites, especially the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) sprinters that can circle the globe in 90 minutes, are the impetus thrusting the new space race onward and upward. BryceTech analysis projected the annual size of the global satellite sector at $279 billion in 2021, and growing at an accelerating pace. 

The question now is can a DeSantis/ Musk orbit into presidential politics withstand blatant MSM bias, not to mention the entrenched Trump camp of the conservative populist right? With Twitter firmly in hand and genuine free speech restored, both upstart candidates are fully prepared to bypass the mainstream media (and the bias that comes with it) completely. 

According to Politico the rich vein of support for a DeSantis/Musk ticket is emerging from, “Libertarian frustration with everything from federal agencies to progressive prosecutors to American foreign policy, was incubated during the pandemic era on the voice-chat platform Clubhouse, on [venture capitalist] David Sacks’ influential podcast, “All In,” and, above all, on Twitter.

Musk, DeSantis, and the Growing Anti-Woke Movement

Elon Musk tapped into a strong stream of widespread support when he labeled  the current trend of unsustainable progressivism as “the Woke Mind Virus”. The mainstream minions are already slinging mud, calling Elon and his longtime partners and associates “the PayPal Mafia”. David Sacks worked at PayPal with Peter Thiel and donated to the Senate campaigns of Republicans J.D. Vance and Blake Masters. 

Now these notorious “Musketeers” are funneling campaign funds to Ron DeSantis in an effort to ride a Big Tech shift to the right that was inevitable after the disastrous green policies that drove Musk and other corporate players out of progressive California.

Musk’s anti-woke campaign on Twitter has purged Biden-era censorship from the corporate platform and with it, the dubious legions of woke folks have been banished to Mastodon, a socialist media platform more appropriate to their primitive “progressive” thinking now on its way to long overdue extinction. 

Despite all the whining from the left behind left, Musk’s popularity and standing in the public eye “remains stronger than that of any other public figure”. Politico cites a Harvard/Harris poll of registered voters from May 2023, one which revealed that Elon Musk has the highest net favorability rating of the 22 public figures assessed, 14 points above water. Ron DeSantis was tied with Republican primary rival Nikki Haley for second, with a net favorability of eight points. 

DeSantis and Musk are counting on an emerging class of libertarian-minded Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and moguls who were once cozy with the Obama-era Democratic Party, but who have since drifted well to the right and away from the ultra-woke East Coast establishment in the lackluster Biden years. 

Silicon Valley libertarians on Twitter may soon enjoy the Tucker Carlson show and one Musketeer investor summed up the waning influence of the unmitigated, blatant bias of the MSM when he tweeted, 

“The media landscape has changed,” tweeted investor Jason Calacanis, a co-host of Sacks’ podcast, in response to the announcement plans. “CNN or Fox would drive 1-3 million viewers. Twitter will probably drive a multiple of that.”

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