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Associated General Contractors Say Biden Policies Adding to US Infrastructure Crisis

  The civil construction infrastructure sector is looking at a mass exodus of construction workers, with the Brookings Institute forecasting a yearly exit from the industry at 1.5 million workers per year, every year, over the next decade according to a June 16, 2020 article by Construction Equipment Guide correspondent…
Construction Materials Lumber Prices
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Pipelines, Politics, and the Construction Materials Price Spikes

  Thanks to the current White House resident, the US construction industry is rolling through a perfect storm of construction material price spikes that some might think is an intentional assault on what would otherwise be a thriving economic sector.  Already depressed by the government overreach that culminated in the…
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US Construction Spending and the Real Infrastructure Gap in 2019

The Real Infrastructure Spending Gap Despite the urgency of the ongoing infrastructure debate, US real infrastructure spending in the last decade (2007-2017) has actually dropped by nearly $10 billion. This is quite a startling statistic considering the recent spotlight on the infrastructure spending debate which was a significant campaign plank…