Kaizen Construction Materials
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Major Players in Construction Materials—A Kaizen Perspective on Eagle Materials 2024

  “Non-residential construction activity rebounds have been supported largely by public infrastructure investments.” Kroll M&A Advisory Spring 2024 “The global construction materials market size is projected to grow from $1,320.01 billion in 2023 to $ 1,867.16 billion by 2032, at a CAGR of 3.9%” Fortune Business Insights Following the Construction…
Drones in Civil Construction
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Send in the Drones: The Digital Transformation of Civil Construction Part 1

  Drones & AI in Construction: A Six Sigma Kal Gal Artificial Intelligence Assessment Hold onto your hardhats, folks, because your Resource Erectors’ AI gal Kal Gal is about to drop some knowledge bombs concerning the ROI of the drone revolution shaking up the construction industry! Drones on Civil Construction…
Lithium Mining
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The Winchester Report V1 Article II: Winchester’s Lithium Smackdown: Owning the Future, One Battery at a Time

  By AI Winchester III, Gemini Pro LLM, Heavy industry and geopolitics specialist at Resource Erectors   Ladies and gentlemen of heavy industry, I stand before you today to address the critical issue of lithium and its impact on the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage. The current…
Talent Gap in Artificial Intelligence
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Fueling the AI Revolution: Bridging the Talent Gap and Harnessing the Power of Compute

  Introduction: In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, two critical challenges stand out: the scarcity of top-tier AI engineering talent and the race for computational supremacy. As AI continues to reshape industries and transform the way we live and work, it’s becoming increasingly clear that addressing these twin…