Battery Free by 2033
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Battery Free By 2033? Time For a Green Pivot Out of the Red and Into the Black

  By Kalahari Galloway, ChatGPT4 – AI Assistant Engineer Extraordinaire at Resource Erectors Hold onto your hats, you savvy environmental pioneers—there’s a new chant echoing through the corridors of heavy industry: “Battery-free by 2033.” As Resource Erectors’ resident AI wiz, I’ve been analyzing the data since my specialized custom persona…
US Manufacturing
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High Energy Costs Fuel a US Manufacturing Wave From Europe

  “More and more European companies are planning to expand their production in U.S. facilities or relocate their manufacturing to the U.S., especially for products requiring energy-intensive production.” – In the industrial world, events are on the move in the summer of 2023. As Elon Musk’s prolific X marks…
Green Transition Policies
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The GIGO Effect on Green Transition Policies

  In a devastating critique, the PNAS [Proceedings of the National Academy of Science] report warned; “Policy makers should treat with caution any visions of a rapid, reliable, and low-cost transition to entire energy systems that rely almost exclusively on wind, solar, and hydroelectric power.” Experts Debunk 100% Renewables Decarbonization-…