Nickel Mining
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Red China’s Indonesian Nickel Flood and the Pushback from Western Mining

  The situation surrounding the global nickel market is complex and fraught with significant geopolitical, environmental, and economic implications. The manipulation of nickel pricing by operations predominantly in communist countries, such as China, and the strategic response from Western countries, particularly Australia, reveal deep-seated challenges in the global commodities market.…
Nickel Mining
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Some Nickel For Your Thoughts

  Within the nickel industry, the recent developments around Glencore-backed Horizonte Minerals indicate that it’s time to examine the broader implications of these green agenda challenges. The significant budget spike for the Araguaia project in northern Brazil highlights the financial and operational hurdles facing nickel mining ventures in 2024, especially…
Rare Earth Elements Mining
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Western Miners’ Bold Drive to Break China’s Monopoly Over Rare Earth Metals

  Heavy-handed. Manipulative. Controlling. These are the words that come to mind when one thinks about China’s long-standing monopoly over the production and supply of rare earth metals, also known as REE or Rare Earth Elements.  Critical Mineral Markets in Critical Condition China’s dominance in critical mineral markets largely contributes…