China US Chip War
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Red China Ramps Up Efforts to Replace US Chip Suppliers: A Strategic Analysis

  Red China, driven by an unwavering ambition to achieve technological self-reliance, is aggressively pursuing efforts to replace American chip suppliers like Intel and AMD. China’s Government-Led Investment Spree The Chinese government is channeling billions of dollars into domestic chip development initiatives, bolstering research and development efforts, subsidizing industry players,…
Rare Earth Elements Mining
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Western Miners’ Bold Drive to Break China’s Monopoly Over Rare Earth Metals

  Heavy-handed. Manipulative. Controlling. These are the words that come to mind when one thinks about China’s long-standing monopoly over the production and supply of rare earth metals, also known as REE or Rare Earth Elements.  Critical Mineral Markets in Critical Condition China’s dominance in critical mineral markets largely contributes…
Rare Earth Minerals Mining
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USA Rare Earth and Canada’s Search Minerals Inc. Team Up For Critical Minerals Development

  Communist China is increasingly more aggressive about establishing a death grip monopoly on the world’s critical mineral supplies. Now two North American companies are partnering under the auspices of the U.S. – Canada Joint Action Plan on Critical Minerals to optimize high-tech rare earth element (REE) technology development.  The…