Nickel Mining
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Some Nickel For Your Thoughts

  Within the nickel industry, the recent developments around Glencore-backed Horizonte Minerals indicate that it’s time to examine the broader implications of these green agenda challenges. The significant budget spike for the Araguaia project in northern Brazil highlights the financial and operational hurdles facing nickel mining ventures in 2024, especially…
mushrooms, hemp and green building materials
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Mushrooms, Hemp, and the Green Building Material Innovators of 2024

  In 2024 we’re quickly evolving into a world where the new buildings rising up around us are not just mere structures. The latest innovations are reinventing common building materials, turning them into green champions of sustainability. Sometimes, they even sprout mushrooms! Yes, you read that right. From hemp rebar…
Interview Tactics
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The Best Interviewing Tactics to Identify Potential in Your Heavy Industry Candidates

  Evolving Interview and Recruiting Strategies for a Modern Industrial Workforce With decades of experience in heavy industry, we know all too well that finding the right candidates for professional-level roles in mining or construction is a nuanced and evolving challenge. In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, it’s not just…