Hydrogen Cell
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The Hydrogen Economy is Here: How Will it Affect Industries Across the Board?

  In a Resource Erectors blog last May we featured the showdown between lithium lothario Elon Musk and Australia’s mining and energy icon, billionaire Andrew Forrest. In that case the billionaire standoff centered on hydrogen “blue gas” as a much more plentiful fuel for powering the proposed all-electric fleets for…
2021 construction trends
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Big Spender Non-building Projects Prop Up 2% Drop in Dodge Index 2021 Construction Numbers

  Once again the push to green tech is playing a role in 2021 construction trends, as the stagnant building sector is still recovering from Covid 19 supply overhangs. But there’s still some good civil construction news for the remainder of 2021.  National construction numbers overall logged a 2% drop…
Solar and Wind Power

Just How Green is Your Local Wind Farm?

The Green Rush to Less Than Reliable Energy Sources In an earlier blog, Resource Erectors looked at how the “green rush” to alternative energy technology has left the California power grid on the brink of collapse as the Golden State struggles with record-breaking heat waves and wildfires. Premature reliance on…