construction boom challenges
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Population and Construction Boom Challenges in 2023

  In 2023 the heavy industry sector continues to meet the challenges of a perfect supply and demand storm consisting of a robust 21st-century construction boom while complying with the restrictive production inhibiting “green” policies often founded on obsolete 1970s environmental false alarms.  Building Demand For Essential Resources to Support…
Zero Carbon
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Americans Give a Green Thumbs Down to Exclusive Zero Carbon Priorities

  So far in 2023 we’ve been keeping an interested eye on the subtle shift in the dominant green narrative here at Resource Erectors. In 2023 we’re finally seeing some corporate counter-punching and real-world advancements in more practical “drop-in” solutions for a truly green transition. The green shift toward hydrogen…
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
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The Energized Hydrogen Sector in 2023

  Are FCEVs a practical “drop-in” technology for the Green Transition? While the diesel sector powers up in 2023  with renewable biofuels and fuel-agnostic internal combustion horsepower, and new EV wheel loader production investments from industry leaders such as Volvo CE, the hydrogen sector isn’t far behind. Some may even…