Engineering Jobs at Resource Erectors
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5 Golden Years. When Experience Pays at Resource Erectors

  Six-figure Engineering Job #504  Job #501  April 4, 2022 In this article we’ll shine the job spotlight on the next class up from the “young guns” of engineering in the industrial recruiting hierarchy, the senior management heavy industry professionals. We’ll explain why those 5 years or more of demonstrated…
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Mining Industry Hiring Trends For Engineering Professionals

The Move From Engineer to General Manager Mining engineering professionals with 15+ years of operational experience are close to making the next step up the career ladder to General Manager positions. To make that move, professional engineering candidates at this high level should be prepared to tap into all of…
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8% Projected Growth Driving High Salaries For Experienced Mining Engineers

Moving Up the Mining Engineer Career Ladder The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics employment forecast for mining engineers is projecting continued growth at 8% for the ten-year window 2016-2026. With the demand for coal, metal, and minerals ever on the rise to meet the needs of…