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Japan Gives the Globalist Green Giant a Black Eye With Clean Coal Technology


Clean Coal Technology


The Industrial Green Giant in 2022 Part 3 at Resource Erectors

It wasn’t too long ago that we were wondering whatever happened to CCT developments, the Clean Coal Technology that yanks the green rug out from under the rock-solid feet of the not-so-jolly global Green Giant pushing a “green agenda” based on non-science and nonsense. 

In Part 3, we’ll exorcise the carbon dioxide demon that is the basis of the world’s largest-ever wealth redistribution scheme, an agenda that the green lobby pursues with “religious fervor” according to one NASA engineer among many. 

And we’ll take a look at how one tiny but wise nation may lead us all back to energy common sense and a responsible energy transition. 

Energy Infrastructure the Right Way in Japan 

The nation of Japan, a global industrial success story since WW2 if there ever was one, is having none of it when it comes to chucking the coal baby with the fossil fuel bathwater. Following real science, rather than the dominant green marketing that demonizes carbon dioxide in the prevailing cult of orthodox climate worship, Japan refuses to knuckle under the green thumb of misguided Green Giant politics. 

Japan is going full steam ahead, justifying coal use with advanced CCT that makes the carbon dioxide emissions demon irrelevant. In the looming 21rst Century of unprecedented demand for, well everything, industrial Japan can ensure maximum production; and the Empire of the Rising Sun will rise with coal in this century. 

Green Giant heads around the world are in meltdown over Japan’s defiance to knuckle under to the mighty green thumb of the New World Order. It’s a true David and Goliath story and quite timely too since February has been the month here at Resource Erectors to sling factual stones at the greenster PR of the industrial world. To add insult to injury, the rock in Japan’s giant-slaying slingshot is the most loathed carbon belching demon that…is coal.

While greenster media moguls such as Eco-Business cry foul, calling Japan’s defiant move “a costly gamble that will thwart net-zero ambition” they’re ignoring the engineering facts in blind worship of the orthodox green agenda once again. 

Thwarting bogus “net-zero” ambitions is actually a good thing and kudos to the manufacturing nation of Japan that brought us clean, lean process engineering and the philosophy of continuous industrial improvement. LEAN is the concept of efficient manufacturing/operations that grew out of the Toyota Production System in the middle of the 20th century.

Japan could give lessons to the US Congress about how to spend an infrastructure buck wisely while securing a reliable energy supply chain. By committing to coal they’re lessening their dependence on other fossil fuel imports. 

Hiroshi Kajiyama

Minister for Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) Hiroshi Kajiyama

The Diplomat had a less green-tinted report on Japan’s CCT program, more suitable for number crunching, in their article “Japan Promotes ‘Clean’ Coal in the Battle Against Climate Change”. 

  • Japan will phase out 90 percent of the country’s old and inefficient coal-fired power generators.
  • Construction of “cleaner” high-efficiency coal power by 2030 will allow Japan to shut down 114 of 140 existing coal plants. 
  • Coal-fired power will remain Japan’s baseline electricity source. This commitment by Hiroshi Kajiyama, Japan’s Minister for Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) ensures that coal-powered plants are generating at peak efficiency for optimized CCT technologies designed to operate best at full capacity, not as inefficient, on-and-off-again backup systems for unreliable “sustainable” energy sources like wind and solar. See Texas and California for real-world examples of how this backward green engineering works out
  • While the transition to clean coal is underway, an upper limit of power generation will be imposed on inefficient power plants with the cooperation of electricity providers. 

So Japan has found a novel way to side-step if not completely defeat the climate-worshiping carbon dioxide demonizers of the UN, Big Tech, and the green lobby. 

Debunking the Fiction of Manmade Global Warming

The Green Giant lobby is excellent at marketing its “sustainable renewable” green causes but naive and ignorant when it comes to logic, math, and crunching the actual real-world numbers. One former NASA engineer has blown the whistle on the bogus hot air spewed by the greensters. And miracle of miracles Big Green Tech hasn’t scrubbed the informative 2019 article, NASA Scientist: Global Warming Is Nonsense from the internet yet. 

The entire premise for the 2030 green “all-electric” agenda embraced by so many corporations and organizations such as the UN, at least publicly, is that carbon dioxide causes manmade global warming. Coal, supplying 60% of the human civilization’s energy needs while emitting subsequent amounts of carbon dioxide keeping babies warm and homes well lit, is the first fossil fuel foe on the Green Giant’s enemies list. 

The problem is that there is no factual evidence that the “greenhouse gas” theory is anything more than a bubble of hot air marketing unsupported by reality past or present. Greenster gurus like Al Gore are debunked by phenomena like expanding polar ice caps and frigid Atlanta winters.

But former NASA engineer Dr. Leslie Woodcock, emeritus professor at the University of Manchester (UK) School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science debunks the Green Giant’s favorite myth. It’s a battle that Woodcock has been fighting against the green lobby for much of his esteemed career, according to this report from 2014. 

“Dr. Woodcock laughed off man-made climate change as nonsense and a money-making industry for the green lobby, which approaches the subject with a religious fervor.”NASA Scientist: Global Warming Is Nonsense

The Green Giant and the global disruptions it causes are opposed by common sense on every side of the environmental fence. Greenpeace founder Dr. Patrick Moore sums up the problem:

“There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years… no actual proof, as it is understood in science, actually exists.” Greenpeace Founder: Climate Change Is Bogus

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