California Power Grid Collapse
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Scorn For Vital Energy Resources Leaves the California Power Grid at Risk of Collapse

Kneeling to Radical Environmentalism Leaves California Residents Sweating Out Rolling Blackouts At Resource Erectors we’re always right upfront when it comes to exciting new sustainable technology and eco-friendly advancements that lead to a better, healthier ecosystem on this little blue marble we all live and work on. We’ve even got…
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The Foundry Industry Faces Essential Business Confusion Amid COVID-19 Shutdowns

Is Any Sector More Essential than the Foundry Industry? According to a 2019 report at, the US manufacturing sector produces over 18% of the world’s goods and every dollar spent in manufacturing adds $1.89 in business growth in supported industrial sectors such as defense, utilities, retail, transportation, and business services.…
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The Impact of the Coronavirus on Just in Time Shipping and the US Supply Chain

Global Reliance on China and Just in Time Supply Chains Under Fire As if construction contractors and US manufacturers haven’t faced enough obstacles with the tight labor market, escalating tariffs, stringent environmental oversight, and fierce global competition, along comes the COVID, impacting shipping and the US supply chain. (more…)
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The High Cost of Vacancies (COV) in Critical Positions at Your Company

Calculating COV: The Business Impact of Talent Shortages COV, or Cost of Vacancy, is the most critical metric for determining the actual dollar impact of vacancies in key positions for industries across the board, and according to one leading HR expert, the COV metric is one quite often neglected. (more…)