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3 Reasons to Submit Your Resume to Resource Erectors Instead of an Employer


Applying for new jobs is stressful. It can feel like you’re not getting anywhere fast, especially if you never receive feedback. If you want to get your job search on the fast track, just sending your resume and application into the company’s system might not be enough.

Working with a niche recruiter in the mining, engineering, and construction industries can get you faster responses and in the door for an interview. Here are three reasons why submitting your resume to Resource Erectors can help you sidestep common problems in the application pipeline.

1. A human might not be reading your resume

HR departments regularly have to work through thousands of applications for every open position. In fact, on average, one corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes! That means most companies have turned to vendor management software to manage the initial screenings and people don’t see them (Source: Forbes).

So, these systems take your information, compile it into the appropriate fields like ‘experience,’ ‘education and licenses,’ and others. Then in-house recruiters, who probably don’t specialize in the mining industry, can filter their searches for all applicants with certain qualifications or specific keywords on their resumes.

This means using the wrong word can get you skipped over indefinitely. The management software also might not properly categorize the information and you can get lost in the system.

Even if your resume makes it through the system and is pulled into the queue for a second sorting, it might be weeks before your application results in an interview or is seen by the hiring manager.

Working with a recruiter can help prioritize your resume and get it seen by the hiring manager quickly.

2. Make sure you want the job you’re spending time on

No two mining jobs are alike. But companies in the industry polish up their site and their job description just as much as you try to refine your application. That means you might not learn the real high or low points about a company until the interview.

But if you use a recruiting agency like Resource Erectors during your job search, they have more access to the details of the job. Not only do they learn the specific duties and compensation from the hiring manager, the agency is going to be more familiar with the company’s culture, policies, and why the job is open in the first place.

After all, a new opening because of expansion is very different from a position that’s always open because nobody wants to stay.

With this insider information, you can decide whether or not a potential position is worth investing the time and effort. Some jobs just don’t offer the scheduling or benefits you need. Others may be even better than they looked in the job description and you can customize your cover letter and resume to what the agency knows the company is looking for.

3. Personalized preparation makes interviews go smoother

Recruiting agencies work directly with the hiring manager and the potential applicants to find a good match. That means once an agency finds a position they think you’re a good match for, they’re going to do their best to help you get there.

This includes preparing for the interview. Through online job engines, only 2% of applicants reach the interview stage. So it’s important to be prepared for top competition in the interviews.

Knowing precisely what the hiring manager wants when you walk into an interview is priceless. You can cover your relevant experience, have prepared answers to address any concerns they may have, and know precisely what it takes to leave a great impression.

Most companies are in a hurry to fill positions because they need to finish projects quickly. If you can use the recruiter’s perspective to show how you’re a great fit, they may hire you without another round of interviews.

Submit Your Resume to Resource Erectors Instead

Applying through a company’s job board just means your resume is added to a growing pile of data. But using a recruiting agency means your resume won’t get lost in the shuffle and you can walk into more interviews with better preparation. Go to Resource Erectors to see how our services can get you your next position in the mining and related industries.

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