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6 Ways to Embrace Older Workers in Your Workplace


embracing older workers

In many mining companies and other similar industries, older workers are underrepresented. This leads to a lack of mentors, less experience on job sites, and even lost knowledge and wisdom that is typically passed down from older employees to younger ones.

If you’re ready to embrace all of the benefits of hiring older workers at your business, these steps will make it easier. 

1. Check your candidate resumes thoroughly for experience

Whether you’re hiring directly or working with a firm like Resource Erectors to find the ideal employees for your business, take the time to consider what older workers have the potential to bring to the table.

In many cases, they will have worn a number of “hats” over the course of their careers. Even if their current job title isn’t a match for the position you have open, past experience might make them an ideal candidate for your open job.

A company may have a position available for a General Manager with well-rounded operations and business development/sales experience. An older person’s resume may show their last two or three jobs having primarily a sales focus, but earlier in their career they worked as an Assistant Plant Manager or a Maintenance Supervisor.

As a result, they have exactly the skills they need to fill the position–but that’s something you might not uncover by simply skimming the first page of the resume.

By digging deeper, you’ll frequently uncover hidden gems of experience within an older candidate’s resume.

2. Provide benefits that appeal to older employees

While many benefits are attractive to employees of all ages, high-quality health insurance and disability insurance are of particular interest to your older employees.

Flexible family leave policies are also of immense benefit to many older workers, who may have aging parents or other relatives who require regular care.

Consider what benefits your older employees really want and need in order to create a better working environment for them and draw them in.

3. Reward loyalty

When you bring new employees into your company, prepare to reward their loyalty over the years. Offer increased incentives for employees who have been with your company for several years or provide appropriate raises with each year that passes. When you reward loyalty, you will be in a better position to keep your veteran employees instead of watching them move on to other companies. 

4. Treat your employees well

It’s not just about the benefits you provide to your employees. It’s also about offering an environment where their wisdom and experience is appreciated. Older employees previous experience in the mining industry will make them an excellent asset for any team–particularly if they’re respected and treated appropriately from the early days of their employment. 

5. Offer training opportunities to your older employees 

Often, when you think of training, you’re imagining the knowledge and skills needed by younger employees in order to get experience.

Older employees, however, can still benefit substantially from training opportunities, whether they’re moving into a management position and need training in how to handle those responsibilities or they’re learning how to use new equipment.

Not only does this help them advance their career, it makes them more effective members of your team–and that training effort is more likely to stay with your company, rather than moving on to a new one.

6. Acknowledge and take advantage of older employees’ experience 

Older workers often have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that they’re willing to share with younger coworkers. While they might not be interested in supervisory roles or other positions within the company, taking advantage of their wisdom and allowing them to offer advice behind the scenes is a great way to enhance their position within the company.

Older employees have the ability to bring incredible benefits to your company. They’re more likely to stay with the company long-term; they can mentor younger employees and teach them the secrets of the trade; and they’re typically very experienced in the field, which means they can get working faster and with less training.

If you’re looking for older employees to help fill out the ranks of your business, contact us today. We’ll work with you to find employees who are a great fit for your company culture.

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