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Essential Construction Aggregates: Give them 38,000 tons, They’ll Give You a Mile


construction aggregate jobs


“In the last 20 years, the consumption of aggregates has dramatically increased. Today it requires an estimated 38,000 tons of aggregates to create a mile of a lane for an interstate highway. When it comes to the construction of homes, a home today requires roughly 400 tons of aggregate. Moreover, a hospital or school of a decent size would require approximately 15,000 tons of aggregates.” – The Important Role of Aggregate in Construction- Constructors Inc. 

Aggregate Careers at Resource Erectors: Paving the Way to Success

As we wrap up Q2 of 2022, the demand for industrial mineral and aggregate professionals continues to dominate the Resource Erectors job board. 

The aggregates sector is a high-volume business with high compensation to match for the experienced professionals who literally keep the country rolling. Sand, gravel, and industrial minerals play essential roles in every form of construction, from transportation infrastructure to the new house next door. From the septic tank to the chimney in residential construction, from the tunnel to the skyscraper in civil construction, aggregates are always the foundation. 

Raising the Grade in the Aggregate Sector

With that kind of relentless demand to fulfill, industry-leading companies in the aggregate sector are raising the pay grade when it comes to recruiting and retaining their workforce professionals with competitive benefits and lucrative salaries, many significantly above the $100,000 range. 

At the time of this writing in May, 2022 the Resource Erectors job board has an impressive 17 career positions available for aggregate professionals at all levels of experience ranging from aggregate sales to plant operations. 

The aggregates sector requires a broad range of expert professionals in diverse specialties from extraction to delivery to market. Lucrative career paths are available across the board from geology to recycling, to quarrying and fleet management, and of course hands-on engineering know-how for every aggregate production process in between. 

Let’s take a closer look at these career-enhancing opportunities and define exactly what we mean by “salaries significantly above $100,000”. With or without a Bachelor’s Degree, the aggregates industry wants you. 

Industrial Minerals Operations Manager Job

Resource Erectors Job # 521- Operations Manager – Industrial Minerals Processing  La Crosse, WI – Compensation $150,000.00 – $170,000.00

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • 5-10 years of supervisory experience in a mining environment.
  • MSHA training and experience is required. The ideal candidate will demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to miner safety.
  • Create and manage multi-million-dollar budgets and capex projects.
  • Represent the company in the communities in which we operate.

Industrial construction materials use silica to improve durability and enhance structural integrity. Silica sand, resistant to weather, wear and corrosion, is the essential industrial mineral always in demand in a variety of construction materials markets including:

  • Flooring
  • Mortars
  • Cement
  • Roofing shingles
  • Asphalt
  • Caulk
  • Sealant

The ideal highly experienced  Operations Manager should be prepared to accept responsibility at all stages, from the management of mine planning and design and meeting mine production goals, to final mine reclamation, and ensuring environmental regulatory compliance. 

If you don’t have a BS in engineering, you may still qualify as an Operations Manager candidate if your equivalent 5 to 10 years of hard-earned  experience can demonstrate a career history  that includes:

  • Managing all technical components of the mine
  • Extraction and storage
  • Wet/dry mineral processing
  • Shipping and logistics 
  • Continuous improvement achievements 
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization from motivating and supervising plant personnel to advising and informing executive management.

If you’ve got these qualifications and a positive take-charge attitude don’t hesitate to apply for Job #521  to make the most of your experience with a leading company willing to compensate generously for the top experienced talent they seek. 

construction aggregate operations manager jobs

Resource Erectors Job #517- Assistant Aggregate Superintendent- Memphis, TN Compensation $100,000.00 – $105,000.00

No degree? No problem for the right self-starter candidate with 3 or more years of quality experience. 

Let’s look at another Resource Erectors aggregates opportunity, one where a high school diploma and 3+ years of mining and wash plant experience can put the right candidate in a position to clean up with an aggregates career opportunity in Tennessee. 

The ideal candidate for the Assistant Aggregate Superintendent will have the ability to:

  • Assist the Aggregate Superintendent in multiple asphalt plant production planning and aggregate mining processes.
  • Contribute to employee hiring and workforce management efforts.
  • Manage training and oversee employee safety practices and programs
  • Schedule plant maintenance.
  • Supervise the safety and quality of wash plants.
  • Participate and provide leadership within our company’s Continuous Improvement and Safety Initiative Programs.

You’ll need a good driving record as the Assistant Aggregate Superintendent to take charge of weekly safety meetings at one of the client’s asphalt plants and to ensure that coordination of daily and weekly production schedules are met with efficient workforce distribution of the various plant personnel to support production.

Our Tennessee corporate client is looking ahead when it comes to recruiting and retaining their top talent at a time when competition for experienced professionals is at an unprecedented peak. 

The  client is offering a very competitive compensation package including: 

  • 401K MATCH

Are you the go-to guy or gal at your present position but lacking the perks in the list above?  If your resume can demonstrate familiarity with surface mining and experience with the various manufacturers of wash plant equipment, we need to know about it, so don’t hesitate to apply for Job #517 today. 

About Resource Erectors

At Resource Erectors we bring decades of heavy industry human resource experience working with the industry-leading companies that build our infrastructure and mine our essential resources. 

We specialize in recruiting hard-to-find skills and talent among the best professional engineering and management candidates in civil construction, mining, aggregates, concrete, gypsum products, and more. 

Whether you’re building your next dream team or you’re ready to take your career vertical with a better paying job more suitable to your experience and qualifications, Resource Erectors has the heavy industry connections you need. Over 85% of Resource Erectors candidates placed are still happily contributing to the success of their companies today. When you’re ready to join the 85% don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can all get to work.

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