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Why Use Resource Erectors to Recruit the Best Talent in Mining and Engineering


The costs you incur hiring niche management and technical personnel goes well beyond the financial expenses for flying top talent to your operations for an on-site interview. Your time – and your hiring team’s time – is precious. Tedious hours spent sorting through a barrage of mostly off-target resumes received from job boards, identifying that small percentage of quality candidates, performing initial phone screens, etc.. Not to mention time spent by senior managers and technical personnel, pulled away from billable work, to conduct phone and in-person interviews with multiple candidates. And, money lost every day by your company due to the fact this vacancy exists.

Time is money. We will help you save time while improving the quality of your hire. Resource Erectors has a strong history of saving our clients time and money by identifying the talent they need for success. We can help you locate hard to find, quality talent fast, which is why it makes sense to work with Resource Erectors to locate the talent you need.

In fact, there are a variety of benefits to working with Resource Erectors to recruit the best talent in mining, engineering and manufacturing.

7 Reasons to Hire Resource Erectors to Recruit the Best Talent

A History of Success

Resource Erectors has a consistent history of placing quality candidates that become longstanding, positive contributors to the success of our client’s organizations. Over 80% of the people we placed 5 years ago are still employed with our clients. Candidates we have identified for our clients over the years have saved our customers millions of dollars in maintenance and production costs, reduced Lost Time Accidents, targeted and penetrated new markets, and make our clients more competitive.

Understanding of Company Culture

We understand how culture, a company’s financial standing, and geographic locations can impact an employee’s decision to join – or leave – an organization. We promote the positives of your work culture to candidates, selling your organization as an entire package that will improve their quality of life, and not just serve as another job to pay the bills.

Attention to the Economy

Economic forecasts shed light on future hiring trends for specific companies. It also helps indicate which professionals may be considering a switch due to instability within their company. We monitor the industries we service, keep an eye on market performance, and get the “word on the street”, helping us target passive candidates which may be open to discussing new opportunities with our clients.

We Find True Candidates

There’s a key difference between a candidate and an applicant. An applicant can be anyone, from anywhere, and that’s what you might end up with when you dig them up yourself: a giant pool of unqualified applicants through which you spend precious time sorting.

In fact, according to Recruiter,

Desperate job seekers can apply to dozens of jobs in five minutes without ever reading the job descriptions, requirements, or minimum qualifications…most of these applicants won’t even meet the minimum qualifications outlined in the job description.

However, we save you time because we submit only capable candidates: they have been pre-screened based on experience, education, and their potential fit within your company culture. By the time you see a candidate’s resume presented by Resource Erectors, you already know he or she has the required skills and experience to successfully fill niche roles within your company.

A Giant Network

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve established a powerful network of tens of thousands of professionals with experience in every industry related specialization you can imagine. Not only that, we also have access to professionals who have worked in similar industries with the ability to make a smooth transition to yours.

Solidifying Your Brand

In order to recruit the best talent, we take time to get to know our clients. Our mission is to develop a thorough knowledge of your business, your needs, and what sets you apart from the competition in order to attract and retain the type of talent you require. With a complete understanding of your team, we can find the candidates who are most likely to gel with and contribute to that culture and vision.

We’re Hiring Experts

This is what we do all day, every day. Depending on the size and scope of your human resources department, chances are their attention is split in multiple directions. Give them more time to focus on other projects and let us do what we do best: narrow down the wide world of applicants to qualified candidates, so you can choose the best employee for the job.

We invite you to learn more about our recruiting services. The future of your company depends upon recruiting top talent. Let us help you make it happen. Contact us today and we’ll get the job done for you.

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