mushrooms, hemp and green building materials
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Mushrooms, Hemp, and the Green Building Material Innovators of 2024

  In 2024 we’re quickly evolving into a world where the new buildings rising up around us are not just mere structures. The latest innovations are reinventing common building materials, turning them into green champions of sustainability. Sometimes, they even sprout mushrooms! Yes, you read that right. From hemp rebar…
3D Printed Concrete
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Innovation Watch: Carbon, Concrete, and the Sustainable “Print-fra-structure”

  “As flexible mobile technology, 3D concrete printing means the technique can be used in physically restricted areas so there is no need to develop complicated and potentially expensive logistical plans. In addition, 3D printed concrete delivers a low carbon, quick-drying solution that saves time.”-  (more…)
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Coal, Concrete, the Zero-Carbon Cure, and Musk’s $100 Million XPRIZE

  An April 2021 Associated Press report posted at Power Engineering announced the latest first prize winners of Elon Musk’s $20 million XPRIZE. $15 million (with the other $5 million going to promising runners up) was split between two of the most unlikely candidates (from the green-minded environmentalist point of…
Carbon Net Zero Aggregates
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Carbon Neutral: Keywords For the Aggregates Industry in 2021 and Beyond

  Reducing carbon levels is a mandate that isn’t going away anytime soon. Global political pressure for sustainable green construction from the UN has resulted in a doubling in 2020 of the number of companies and local governments committed to “net zero emissions” by the end of this century. Many…