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Recruiting a Top-Tier Operations Manager for Heavy Industry in 2024


Recruiting top managers for heavy industry.


Heavy Industry Hiring in a Turbulent Election Year

2023 was a turbulent year in itself for heavy industry sectors, and most especially for the mining industry. Under the incompetent (there’s no other way to say it) leadership of the Biden administration and an equally lackluster Congress, 2024 promises more of the same, if not more red tape for the mining sector. 

Permitting reform failure and increased taxes seem to work in Red China’s favor, as the current leadership pays lip service to the “domestic supply chain” while seemingly doing everything it can to cut or kink that chain at every legislative opportunity.

“The U.S. will face all the same challenges it faced in 2023 with added complications from the upcoming election and continued geopolitical challenges in nearly every region of the world. This is happening amidst a global increase in demand for minerals to meet net-zero commitments according to the International Energy Agency and an expected shortfall in mining investments. According to Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, more than 300 new mines will be needed.”- The Opportunity For American Mining in 2024

300 New Mines and a Stressed Talent Pool

300 new mines? In an already stressed talent pool, that’s quite a volume of critical positions to fill, and the operations managers who can keep the essential mineral supply chain taut and efficient will be in more demand than ever. But with specialized expertise required, the mining industry doesn’t have the luxury of reaching out to candidates from “non-traditional backgrounds”, a rather radical recruiting tactic suggested by the Harvard Business Review:

“To fill critical roles in 2023, organizations will need to become more comfortable assessing candidates solely on the skills needed to perform in the role, rather than their credentials and prior experience,” reported Harvard Business Review. “Organizations will do this by removing formal education and experience requirements from job postings and instead reaching out directly to internal or external candidates from nontraditional backgrounds who may not have access to certain professional opportunities, or even be aware of them.” 

The heavy civil industry has a stressed talent pool.

The workforce continues to be the primary challenge faced by all heavy industry sectors even when they’re operating under ideal conditions; that is with robust state government support, and a supply-chain friendly DOT.  Jeff Wansley, executive director of the Georgia Construction Aggregate Association, told Pit and Quarry about his positive outlook for the aggregate industry in 2024 based on its 2023 performance.

“Busy and thriving” was his evaluation, but once again the director pointed to “the workforce” as the sector’s biggest challenge in 2024. When it’s time to meet that challenge and avoid the high cost of vacancies in heavy industry operations you’ve come to the right place. Here at Resource Erectors, heavy industry human resources has been our specialty for decades.

Credentials Are Just the Start at Resource Erectors

Searching for an Operations Manager who brings more than just credentials to the table? Someone who will turbocharge your operations with their dynamic leadership and strategic prowess? The heavy industry hiring landscape, like many other sectors, has certainly evolved with the ongoing green transition, and finding that star performer for your heavy industry dream team has never been more crucial now in 2024.

Make no mistake, despite the Harvard advice, credentials and experience can certainly get our top-tier candidates on the Resource Erectors radar. But our industry-leading companies are looking for much more when it comes to avoiding the cost and disruption created by a bad hire. 

Here are 6 attributes we like to see in our Operations Manager candidates.

Attribute #1: Leading by Example is Their M.O.

A stellar Operations Manager doesn’t hide behind a sea of paperwork; they’re on the ground, setting benchmarks and leading the pack. This is a leader who earns respect by showing rather than telling, making every on-site day an opportunity to inspire.

Attribute #2: They’ve Got People Skills in Spades

Today’s Operations Manager is a maestro of the human orchestra: they inspire, guide, and build a work culture that resounds with positivity and growth. We look for those with a track record of mentorship, those who lead, teach, and elevate their teams.

Attribute #3: Union Negotiation Know-how

Does your potential Operations Manager come from a union environment? Past experience in this exclusive realm can be a significant advantage. It’s about negotiation, sure, but also about savvy communication—the kind that keeps operations smooth and efficient.

Attribute #4: Safety in Heavy Industry Isn’t Just Policy; It’s Personal

An elite Operations Manager doesn’t just adhere to safety checks—they’re devoted to employee well-being, always striving for an unblemished track record. The safety of each team member is non-negotiable and at the forefront of their operation strategy.

Recruit Manager for Heavy Industry

Attribute #5: Masters of Machinery

Your ideal Operations Manager will understand each piece of equipment like the back of their hand. They are troubleshooters, technicians, and can even step in as operators. Their technical acumen keeps downtime to a bare minimum and productivity at its peak.

Attribute #6: Fiscal Finesse

Aside from steering human capital, an Operations Manager with acute financial acumen can navigate through fiscal challenges with finesse. They’re as comfortable with cost management as they are at driving operational efficiency.

Hiring Your Next Operations Manager with Resource Erectors

Selecting the right Operations Manager in the challenging 2024 industrial environment can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. At Resource Erectors, we home in on the candidates that shine, the ones who will fill the Operations Manager role not just adequately, but extraordinarily.

If you’re primed to elevate your heavy industry operations with stellar leadership, let’s connect. We’re here to forge your perfect match, so don’t hesitate to contact us today when it’s time to build your operation’s dream team.

Do you see yourself in the attributes we listed above? We’ve got lucrative 6-figure positions for the right professional heavy industry management candidates in mining, aggregates, cement, civil construction, engineering, sales, safety and more so make sure to check out our current jobs available so we can all get to work.


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