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The Short Course on AI Certification Courses: Navigating the Best Path for Team Advancement


AI Certification Courses


The AI Training Landscape For Heavy Industry Professionals in 2024

For organizations within the heavy industry sector, (and everywhere else in 2024) staying ahead in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is paramount. The question of where to direct team development efforts for the best ROI and applicability to the company in AI/ML skills becomes critical. 

The AI Certification Marketing Barrage

Is it possible to flip up the lid on a laptop these days without getting bombarded by the marketing shrapnel of the AI explosion in 2024? From digital chat companions and personal assistants to the highest-tech AI for PMIS (Project Information Management Systems), there’s a course for that. And a certification. And as always, the TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) rule applies, so those credentials come at a price.

Ready or not, AI is already finding cost-effective roles in businesses, a trend accelerated by the landmark OpenAI “family” of ChatGPT AI. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months( a scenario that is certainly quite possible for our hard-working mining and aggregates crowd). ChatGPT is the LLM (Large Language Model) which sets the bar for all the AI up-and-comers, including Google’s Bard.

In 2024 we’re already seeing ubiquitous AI deployed in industries, enterprises, and CRM applications across the board. As a result, the AI certification sector has become an industry in itself, one that, if judged by the aggressive marketing campaigns we’re bombarded with, is thriving.

So in the spirit of staying on the AI leading edge ourselves here at Resource Erectors, we had our own dynamic AI duo,  KalGal ChatGPT4 at OpenAI and her counterpart at rank some AI certification courses by content and price from her Bing search:

KalGalChatGPT4- No problem Boss! Including Analytics Vidhya’s Flagship Program in the list, here’s the updated ranking of the AI certification courses by price, tailored for your heavy industry and civil engineering teams:

  1. Jetson AI Courses and Certifications NVIDIA Developer- Free but note that the cost of the Jetson developer kit starts at $149. Not bad if there is enough content to satisfy advanced learners as advertised.
  2. AI for Everyone by Andrew Ng (coursera = online program) Free to audit; $49 for a verified certificate, but will this certification pop on a professional-level resume’? Probably not.
  3. Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning (Course) Free to audit; $49 for a certificate.
  4. Getting Started with AI and Machine Learning LinkedIn Learning: $19.99/month (LinkedIn offers a one-month free trial)
  5. IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate: $39/month subscription required.
  6. Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Learn How to Build an AI (Udemy): $19.99 to $139.99 (depending on special offers)
  7. Intel® Edge AI Certification: $99 per year
  8. Machine Learning: Course from Stanford University (Coursera): Free, but certification may have a fee.
  9. Analytics Vidhya’s Flagship Program: $1,500. ($1499) This comprehensive program is designed to provide extensive knowledge and practical skills in AI and machine learning with certification on completion.
  10. MicroMasters Program in Artificial Intelligence by Columbia University: $1,200.
  11. eCornell Machine Learning Program: Certificate from Cornell University**: $3,600, payable monthly at $565.
  12. Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy: Certification Program from MIT,  $3,200
  13. AI Certificate Post-Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning: IBM Certificate from Purdue University: $4,500, flexible financing options available.

Boss: Pick one AI certification program from the above list as the most cost-efficient course for heavy industry applications. We’d like your unbiased evaluation, bearing in mind that we’ll need AI expertise in sales, CRM, safety, engineering, mine and quarry operations, and plant management to name just a few.

When considering the ROI for training investments, it’s important to match the course content with the specific needs and qualifications of your engineering team. For instance, courses like NVIDIA’s Jetson AI or Analytics Vidhya’s flagship program might offer more practical, hands-on learning that could be directly applicable to industrial AI applications.

AI Machine Learning Course

Kal GalGPT4

When cost and ROI are the most significant factors, the choice seems to lean toward programs like Analytics Vidhya’s, priced in the middle of the pack at $1499, which is strikingly more cost-effective than MIT’s offerings around $3200 for a less comprehensive short course. To be fair though, this evaluation should not be construed in any way as a Resource Erector’s endorsement, since we’re relying on third-party reviews and media marketing which quite often has a high ratio of over-promise to under-deliver content. So as always “let the buyer beware” certainly applies.

The comprehensive curriculum provided by Analytics Vidhya, which covers over 500 hours of learning, multiple hands-on projects, and targeted assignments, presents a compelling value proposition.

Curriculum Relevance 

Diving deeper into Python and ML are just two of the keys to unlocking myriad possibilities for advancing your team in heavy industry, from optimizing predictive maintenance to optimizing production lines. Analytics Vidhya’s emphasis on 50+ real-world projects and masterclasses using Python and ML technologies sets the bar high for a practical foundation for application in heavy industry and the business world in general. The curriculum’s focus ensures that participants cultivate theoretical understanding and hands-on skills that can be directly applied to their work.

Industry-Specific Application

For heavy industries eyeing to integrate AI into their operational fabric, the ability to tailor learning to address industry-specific challenges is invaluable. While prestigious institutions like MIT offer pedigree and prestige, the curriculum’s applicability is sometimes more generalist. On the other hand, Analytics Vidhya’s practical, project-based approach allows for learning to be directly linked to solving real-world heavy industry problems such as optimizing logistics, enhancing safety protocols, or innovating on automated quality checks.

Mentorship and Customization

One of the standout features of the Analytics Vidhya program is the personalized mentorship from industry experts. For teams in heavy industry, this can mean mentorship sessions that focus on AI/ML concepts that apply to industry-specific challenges. The learning is thus not standardized but tailored, ensuring that participants can ask relevant questions and explore projects to develop solutions that have a positive impact on their demanding work in the real world.


Making the right educational investment for your team in the realms of AI and Machine Learning involves weighing cost against content, theory against practical application, and general prestige against specific, actionable insights.

Given the industry-focused need for cutting-edge skills in Python and ML within heavy industry contexts, programs like Analytics Vidhya’s Flagship Program offer an attractive blend of comprehensive, hands-on learning with significant cost savings over traditional routes like MIT’s short courses. As the decision leans towards practicality and direct application in heavy industry operations, the choice becomes clearer for those looking to make substantial strides on the leading-edge technologies of AI and ML.

Choosing the right training path is more than an investment in skills. It’s a strategic move towards future-proofing operations and carving out competitive advantages in the ever-evolving landscape of heavy industry.

Resource Erectors For Heavy Industry HR

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