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When Atlas Shrugs Part 2: The Industrial Complex Strikes Back in Catch 2022


Industry 2022 Atlas Shrugged


As a refugee from communism herself, Ayn Rand saw the disastrous consequences of the global socialist mindset in action, and the degeneration it can cause in a free market republic, way back in the 1930s. 

Atlas Shrugged is her prophetic blueprint of the inevitable, logical consequences of illogical socialist thinking. Rand takes the “if this goes on” approach and many of her predictions are bearing out in 2022. 

The lady knew what she was talking about when it came to the perils of communism. She lived through nationalized “statist” production, and experienced firsthand the false sense of entitlement her villainous “looters”  used to lure the lazy “parasites” of the world into complacent compliance with unsustainable policies. 

From the Atlas Society, the organization that carries on the Rand legacy more than 50 years after her classic Atlas Shrugged was published in 1957:

“In the eight years before she left the Soviet Union in 1925, Rand lived through the economic chaos and desperate poverty it caused, as the communists nationalized businesses and expropriated private wealth. Her father was a pharmacist, and Rand was in the shop when soldiers arrived to close the business and seize the property, depriving the family of work, property, and income. 

In the years before she left, she lived through the tyranny of statism, as the communists used every means to expand their power—including secret police, terror tactics, and executing enemies or shipping them to Siberia.  Under the new communist regime, more and more of private life was politicized, including speech, ideas, and education.”- The Capitalist Ideal: The Moral Vision of Atlas Shrugged

One look at the latest  Resource Erectors blog headlines, in this challenging year many are calling Catch 2022, is more than enough to keep us busy at the keyboard all day, linking up the all-too-obvious parallels happening now to Ayn Rand’s landmark pro-capitalist, anti-socialist, manifesto, brilliantly presented in novel form back in 1957. 

As a wave of corporate shutdowns in aluminum and steel plants rolls across the US in 2022, the aftershock of the tsunami that has already forced shutdowns in Asia and Europe, industry leaders are challenging the wisdom of “net-zero carbon” benchmarks. Costly mandated energy credits and raw materials supply chain breaks are forcing the US industrial complex to shrug off sky-high global demands because they can’t make a profit.

plant closings due to energy costs

It’s that simple. And so is the solution to the self-induced energy crisis brought to you by the climate worshippers who make policies that prioritize the folks yet to be born over those who are right here today. 

Industry leaders are not the only ones bearing the global load on government-stressed shoulders. Citizens sweating in the dark are getting fed up with the impracticality of relying on low-output windmills and solar panels while plugging up the vast resources of energy-dense fossil fuel energy right under their feet. 

While the majority of folks naturally want a cleaner, greener planet, much of the corporate green bias that dominates in mainstream media and company marketing alike, is about nothing more than creating lucrative green commodities, and profiteering from green energy piracy, a class of corporate lobbyists, lawyers, and legislators that Ayn Rand classified as “looters”. 

Less Power to the People: The Impossible Green California Dream 

The “cart before the horse” rush to green energy that our always fun-to-watch engineer, billionaire Elon Musk dreams about (in between meetings with the manufacturing and mining tycoons of China) is more about marketing than it is about responsible infrastructure transition. To paraphrase a funny but true comment from an engineer with boots on the ground in 2022 about wifty, windy energy thinking,  

“They don’t just put the cart before the horse. First they shoot the horse!”

We’re seeing some disturbing consequences now as California’s mandated premature rush to green is causing grid panic meltdown, as reality leaves California residents seeing red. In this case the dead horse that could easily power the California grid with the very resources they refuse to use is fossil fuel horsepower. Nuclear energy in the land of Jane Fonda’s China Syndrome subculture is unthinkable. The evil “carbon demon” with his hellish “footprints” that stamps out even LNG liquid natural gas as a viable California energy resource. 

Instead, the green California dreamers may end up in a state where all the leaves are indeed brown. In the heart of a drought, the legislation coming from the Sacramento Circus are recommending dubious solutions such as wind turbines that catch on fire. 

The Wind Turbine Fire Problem, By the NumbersFire-Trace International

California Did It: Vote Has Banned New Gas Car Sales after 2035- August 25, 2022- Car and Driver

That’s great for the drivers of 2035. But by August 31, 2022, the same greenster grid busters who passed that ambitious “transition” legislation were also begging sweaty EV owners to cut back on charging. All to avoid the self-induced collapse of the wobbly California green leaning tower of inferior wind turbines that leave a Green Giant-sized ecological footprint, and hardly adequate when backed up by cool shady solar panels on cloudy days. 

A statewide grid emergency was called in California and officials warned residents that blackouts could be possible during the energy shortfall.

California Governor Gavin Newsome

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom is asking all Californians to not charge their electric vehicles between the hours of 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. while California grapples with an energy shortage as a heat wave bears down on the state. California also asked its residents to turn up their thermostats and turn off their lights”.

By the way, our man Elon, the Green Crusader himself, bailed out the green tarnished Golden State a while back, preferring Texas and China for more securely energy supported industrial operations. 

Meanwhile, those who know better, and anyone else who has crunched the green infrastructure numbers over the past few decades, are shaking our heads with a regretful “I told you so” shrug.

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