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Resource Erectors Salaries 2023: Above and Beyond the World Standard For Heavy Industry Professionals


Engineering salaries at Resource Erectors


Resource Erectors Companies Take the Compensation Lead in 2023 

In an era where the industrial labor market is more competitive than ever, Resource Erectors’ client companies are stepping up admirably to recruit and retain the best available candidates.

As the hard hat heavy industry workforce might say, “They’re putting their money where their mouth is, and doubling down to recruit and retain the top professionals they need to avoid the surprisingly high cost of vacancies in their enterprises.

By offering generous compensation packages and career-enhancing opportunities, our heavy industry clients ensure that they are attracting and acquiring the top available talent in diverse sectors such as mining, aggregates, concrete, civil engineering, environmental health and safety, construction, and bulk material handling.

If you don’t see your own niche industry here, rest assured that Resource Erectors has recruited and placed successful candidates in such diverse enterprises as foundries and structural steel detailing to name just two unique opportunities. Best of all, over 85% of Resource Erectors’ candidates are still contributing to the success of their companies 5 years later and counting. That’s important for companies operating in a highly competitive business environment where retention is an ongoing challenge.  

With required expertise spanning from engineering to the executive suite, our client companies know that quality hiring comes at a price. And they’re willing to pay for it, both to enhance operations and increase profits while relying on Resource Erectors to help them avoid the disasters incurred by a bad hire.  

So how do our industry-leading client companies measure up against the top 5 best paying countries in the world? Going strictly by the numbers from the investor site Insider Monkey list, we’re at number 2 for now. But watch out Switzerland. Our Resource Erectors companies are right on your heels to take the Number 1 top-paying position in 2024.

 Top 5 Paying Countries for Civil Engineers: An Introduction to Resource Erectors Job Opportunities   

  1. Switzerland: Average Salary $142,000 – Note that the Swiss Franc decreased  by -0.23% (-288.83) vs USD at the time of this report.
  2. Resource Erectors Average Salary $140,000
  3. Denmark: Average Salary $97,812
  4. United States: Average Salary $90,000
  5. Canada: Average Salary $67,564
  6. New Zealand: Average Salary $66,331

If the high rate of taxation (55%!) in socialist-minded countries such as Denmark and Switzerland is taken into account, the case could easily be made that Resource Erectors companies already hold the Number 1 position for heavy industry take-home compensation, at least where civil engineers are concerned.

So for heavy industry professionals who aren’t willing to live as expatriates in Switzerland, it’s obvious that Resource Erectors companies are now offering the highest paid career opportunities right here at home in the US, far above the US average of $90,000.

While the average salary numbers here at Resource Erectors are impressive, professionals seeking to make a move up the compensation ladder should take note that we have placed several candidates in $200,000 positions with benefits in 2023.

Naturally, these golden opportunities don’t remain on the public job board for long, so make sure to submit your resume and sign up for job alerts to ensure that you’re included in the Resource Erectors’ available talent pool. Companies seeking specific talents can sign up for talent alerts here to stay a step ahead in the high-stakes recruiting competition.

Heavy industry professionals - career opportunities.

Beyond Civil Engineering at Resource Erectors

Civil engineer” is just one category of the many lucrative career opportunities that Resource Erectors can provide for heavy industry companies and candidates. 

As one of our most sought-after positions, the civil engineer salary comparison is an illuminating example that spotlights just how well our client companies have stepped up in 2023 to compensate their heavy industry professionals as compared to the global averages.

With the United States coming in third on the list of the highest paying countries for civil engineers with an average yearly salary of $90,000, it’s clear that American engineering and heavy industry companies are not shying away from offering competitive salaries. It is worth noting that these numbers are reflective of a 2023 report, ensuring that the data is up-to-date and pertinent to the current labor market.

Geographic Career Choices: From Florida to Montana and Everywhere in Between 

Our geographical versatility offers heavy industry professionals a wide range of locations to choose from. Job opportunities span from coast to coast, catering to all lifestyle preferences.

Whether you’re seeking a Rocky Mountain high career, or the warm white sand of Florida’s beaches, or anywhere in between, Resource Erectors has a place for all qualified candidates.

 Sales, Safety, and C-Suite Professionals Wanted

Opportunities are not just limited to engineering at Resource Erectors. Sales, safety, bulk material handling, regional management, and even C-suite level roles are regularly featured on our North American job board. 

Take, for example, our Vice President of Quarry Services position based in Raleigh, NC. This six-figure plus role is a comprehensive one that not only requires managerial prowess but also hands-on expertise in quarry operations. It’s an executive position with a broad range of responsibilities, all pointing toward the importance of recruiting and retaining the top professional, one experienced in specific heavy industry operations.

Even Fiercer Hiring Competition Looming in 2024 

In the coming decades, the heavy industry sector is expected to see remarkable growth. As green technologies evolve and corresponding infrastructure markets expand, the need for a qualified, experienced workforce is more pressing than ever.

Moreover, competition for professionals in heavy industry is only going to get fiercer in 2024. Aggressive green energy policies in the EU are driving heavy industry operations to US shores in 2023, increasing the pressure on an already stressed US human resource pipeline.  

For in-demand industry professionals, it’s a win-win situation. Our client companies get top-tier talent, and Resource Erectors placed professionals receive competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and the opportunity to work in thriving industries.

It all goes back to the central idea: you get what you pay for. In this case, what you’re paying for is nothing short of recruiting and retaining the best matched professionals for your specific heavy industry needs.

When you’re ready to join the top earners in the world of heavy industry, you’re ready for Resource Erectors so don’t hesitate to contact Resource Erectors today, so we can all get to work.

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