sustainability in construction
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Improving Sustainability Must be Top-of-Mind in Construction

  “Integrating the pre-COVID-19 [sustainability] agenda into the post-COVID-19 action plan.” — Alexandre L’Heureux, President of WSP Global Despite the ongoing pandemic, sustainability is still the driving trend in construction. The post-crisis resiliency of construction firms is tightly hinged to how they handle sustainability going forward. According to McKinsey, the…
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The $300 Billion Infrastructure Construction Market Projected For 2020

Federal, State, and Local Governments Are Moving to Upgrade Infrastructure The American Road and Transportation Builder’s Association (ARTBA) is projecting at least 5% growth in the transportation infrastructure construction sector in 2020, according to the ARTBA annual report. In their December 2019 press release, ARTBA’s chief economist, Dr. Alison Premo…
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Civil Construction Projects Lead the Construction Industry Rebound in 2019

Construction 2020: Keeping Pace With the Growth Trend of 2018-2019 In 2018 the United States raised new non-residential buildings across the nation to the tune of $452.67 billion. Public non-residential construction totaled 295.2 billion dollars, according to the 2019 mid-year assessment at Statista. That set the bar quite high for…