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Recruiting Services for Mining, Construction Materials, and Construction Professionals


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Recruiting Professionals for Great Jobs

At Resource Erectors, we recruit experienced professionals for careers in mining, construction materials and civil construction in North America.

Connecting our candidates with top companies is what we excel at. We focus on finding positions that offer long-term career potential and extra incentives for employees, such as bonuses, retirement packages, and profit-sharing plans. 

Overall, we strive to place candidates with great positions at culturally-positive companies. With over 20 years of recruiting experience, we’ve found that a cultural fit is the key to a successful career at a new company.

Recruitment Services for Mining

At Resource Erectors, we recruit experienced professionals for leadership roles in diverse segment of the mining and minerals processing industry and offer opportunities in construction aggregates, industrial minerals, metals mining and more.

Recruitment Services for Construction Materials

We recruit experienced candidates for roles in construction materials production and help job candidates find roles in construction aggregates, asphalt, ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, cement, gypsum mining and wallboard manufacturing and more.

Recruitment Services for Civil Construction

At Resource Erectors, we recruit experienced candidates for opportunities with our clients vested in the heavy civil construction industries.

We Value Our Candidates

Qualified and talented individuals like you make up Resource Erectors’ invaluable job candidates. Our skilled applicants provide employer partners with the specialized professionals needed in order to fill open positions in mining, construction materials, and civil construction. It’s why we value you and the expertise you bring to the industry.

With our Candidate Services, we’ll only connect you directly with hiring managers.

Oftentimes, we find candidates who advance to hiring managerial positions often come back to Resource Erectors for their recruiting needs because of their own positive experiences.

Our Services Sets Us Apart

We recruit executive and operations managers, mining engineers, mechanical and civil engineers, process and environmental engineers, maintenance and production supervisors, safety and quality control professionals, business development specialists, sales and sales management personnel, financial and logistics managers and other positions in mining, construction materials and civil construction.

Yet, our 30 years of actual experience in the mining industry is what gives us the slight edge as a recruiting agency. We have an inside view of how the industry works, giving our candidates an advantage in all aspects of the hiring process.

Also, our ability to consistently deliver great employees for a variety of positions gives us a unique position as a long-standing, trusted recruiter. When we make a recommendation for a position, we stand behind our recruits.

Find Your New Job in Mining, Construction Materials or Civil Construction Today

Take a look at some of our current job openings.

If you’re ready to get started leveraging our Candidate Services, submit your resume and reach out to us. A recruiter will be in touch with you about suitable job opportunities as they become available.

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Thank you, Ibrahim. Unfortunately, most of my North American customers will not consider sponsorship at this time. I will be back in touch with you if/when that may change. May I ask, what is your specialization?


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