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A Career Opportunity to Move From Surface Mining to Underground Production


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Resource Erectors April Newsletter Exclusive

Monday, April 4, 2022

Resource Erectors Spotlight: Job #502- A Career Opportunity to Move From Surface Mining to Underground Production

As we move into the second quarter of 2022 we’re still riding the leading edge of the “candidate’s market” wave. That’s been the case for the past few years in the mining industry overall, not to mention workforce shortages at all levels in just about every other heavy industry sector we deal with here at Resource Erectors. 

In the engineering field, salary expectations were up in 2021 according to the informative career and salary survey report at Control Engineering, and 2022 is no different. 

“Engineers expect to get paid more in 2021 ($108,096 in 2021 compared to $102,669 in 2020, $101,450 in 2019 and $100,339 in 2018), and 62% expected a 2021 salary increase, down slightly from 69% in 2020, and down from 74% among 2019 respondents, according to the 2021 Control Engineering Career and Salary Survey and Report. This is perhaps due to respondents undervaluing their worth. Also, many respondents work in industries deemed essential, which can create more competition for their talents.”Control Engineering

At the professional level, mining engineers and production managers have never had more abundant career path choices, as employers move aggressively to fill essential positions and avoid the high costs of vacancies (COV) in their organizations. 

Employers have already responded to the human resource shortage by bumping up their Resource Erectors listed starting salaries to six figures to remain competitive. But they’re also recruiting more proactively by broadening their candidate screening “filters”.

In the mining industry surface, pit, and quarry production experience doesn’t necessarily rule you out from moving up to high-level management in underground mining production, and vice versa. Companies are willing to foot the expenses of cross-training the right candidates because those wise HR investments easily offset the accumulating COV, or Cost of Vacancies that disrupt operations and eat away at the bottom line. And that COV continues to pile up for just as long as those critical position vacancies remain unfilled.

Many of our industry-leading employer clients are now willing to cross-train the right candidates with 3 years of general mining experience. The distinction between surface and underground experience on the resume isn’t as important to them as they build their dream teams for 2022 and beyond.

For professional mining industry candidates, it’s important not to rule yourself out based on the end product you’re most experienced at producing. Yes, there was a time when heavy industry employers enjoyed a “hiring market” and only candidates with the closest relevant experience in the diverse sectors would be considered. 

There was also a time when top level production professionals frequently needed 10- 15 years of experience as a prerequisite to qualify for consideration at the top end of the production workforce hierarchy, with six-figure salaries and benefits packages to match.

That was then. This is now. 

Wanted! Young Guns of Engineering

In 2022 even a “young gun” engineer doesn’t need to rack up a decade or more of experience to move up the mining engineer career ladder. As little as 1 year of field experience after graduation can put that engineering Bachelor’s Degree to work now, paying off those pesky student loans and then some. 

That’s what we call a fast track career path here at Resource Erectors.

Don’t be Shy! Apply

Don’t automatically rule yourself out, or undervalue your worth because you’ve logged  just a few years of hard-earned, quality job experience in the engineering field. Screening and matching is our job, and you can rely on Resource Erectors to place you with the companies who know their human resources are their most essential assets. 

Let’s take a look at some highlights from  the current Resource Erectors Job Board for a case in point.  As employers respond to the fierce, cross-industry competition for the most competent, qualified engineers, the quality of experience now outweighs the quantity of years. 

Resource Erectors Job #502  

 Underground Production Supervisor – Detroit, Michigan

Compensation $100,000.00 – $110,000.00

Responsible for ensuring the mining operations operate safely and effectively to meet the needs of the business.

Posted: Friday, March 4, 2022

  • Experience working in MSHA regulated operations
  • Strong safety background.
  • Leadership experience within the mining industry.
  • 3 or more years of mining experience – OR – Bachelor’s degree AND 1+ year supervisory experience in a surface or underground mining environment.

Job #502 is still available. If you’re a young gun with a Bachelors in engineering it’s vital that you don’t fall into the common human resources trap of undervaluing your worth to the competing companies in heavy industries across the board that need your skills and talents.

As the mining industry gears up to meet the unprecedented demand for minerals in the modern green economy, all mining experience, whether surface or underground, can make you as a mining engineer or mining production manager an essential human resource gem. 

Employers in all the mining sectors are more focused now on recruiting candidates with lean management and continuous improvement process techniques, priceless experience that is quickly becoming universal across all of Heavy Industry. 

So if you’re a mining professional, looking to broaden your career horizons with a lucrative move up the mining sector career ladder, there have rarely been more opportunities for cross-career moves than this second quarter of 2022.

Don’t hesitate to contact us  at Resource Erectors, so we can all get to work. 

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