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4 Things Your Competitors are Doing Differently to Hire Top Talent in Construction


You’re looking for the best talent in your industry: workers who’re able to provide high lifetime value for your company thanks to all the skills they bring to the table. While there are several methods that can make it easier to hire top talent in construction, mining, or related-industries, you want to be sure you aren’t missing out on the strategies your competitors are using to find their best candidates. 

Strategy #1: Recruit at Career Fairs

Career fairs at colleges and universities aren’t just for current students who are about to graduate–and they won’t just attract individuals with university degrees, though those degrees can offer value to many of the positions that you have open within your company.

Asking the right questions will allow you to determine plenty of information about candidates before they even submit an application. In casual conversation, you can discover how long candidates have been working in their field, what type of experience they have, and their attitude toward working in a profession that may require manual labor.

In addition to, career fairs provide an opportunity to highlight your company’s culture and the amazing things your employees are doing for the organization. So, be sure to bring your best people when engaging with students, especially your recent college hires (Source: Harvard Business Review).

It’s the perfect way to showcase the work young alums and others have done, and offer insight into the responsibilities they’ve been given.

Strategy #2: Use Your Social Media Accounts

Seventy-nine percent of job seekers–and 86% of job seekers who are in the first ten years of their careers–will use social media to help them find the postings they’re looking for. Savvy employers also use social media to help them locate the best candidates in the field.

In fact, according to Construction Executive, building and construction recruiters are beginning to see the value of using social media options when searching for the next generation of employees. Todd Yerman, business development manager at HART located in Maumee, Ohio, shared that,

“Facebook and Twitter are sites to build community by highlighting corporate culture and marketing an ideal working environment, while LinkedIn can be a powerful social recruiting tool, especially when leveraging the business account upgrades.”

Therefore, checking out LinkedIn profiles for interested candidates can help you gauge actual candidate experience.  Other social networks can be a valuable tool for gaining a better feel for a candidate’s personality while also highlighting your brand as a great company to work for.

Strategy #3: Offer Apprenticeships

When you work in construction, mining, and other hands-on industries, it can be difficult to find that initial experience.

By offering apprenticeships, you can take candidates with little to no actual experience in the industry and nurture them into quality professionals who are able to provide a high amount of value for your company. The United States Department of Labor shared that,

“For many decades, construction companies have valued apprenticeships for recruiting, developing, and retaining a skilled workforce. Apprenticeship programs combine on-the-job learning with related instruction in technical areas to produce qualified, highly-productive employees for construction jobs requiring precision and safety.”

So through apprenticeships, you can create the ideal candidate for your own position, building up their job skills in exactly the way you want them to be built. Mentoring through the apprenticeship process creates higher-quality employees who are better-prepared for their future efforts in the field and your company. 

Strategy #4: Use a Recruiting Service

Recruiting services like Resource Erectors don’t just have access to a wide pool of candidates who’re able to fill your open positions. They also know exactly what type of candidate you’re looking for in your company and how candidates will fit into your open positions.

You see, working with a recruiting agency can streamline the hiring process and make it easier to find candidates who are an ideal match. At Resource Erectors, we take the time to understand your organization and its culture to ensure you’re hiring the best talent that’s also a great fit for your company.

Additionally, Resource Erectors has actual real-life experience in the mining and related industries. So, we have keen insight into the industry, the trends, and the market’s performance. This knowledge and connection give our clients an unfair advantage in recruiting top talent.

In addition to keeping an eye out for “passive candidates” who may be open to discussing new opportunities with our clients, we have access to a powerful network of tens of thousands of professionals in the industry. However, only capable and qualified candidates who offer the required skills and experience for the job are presented to our clients, saving you time and resources otherwise spent in the hiring process.

Hire Top Talent in Construction with Resource Erectors

Filling the positions you have open within your company is an ongoing challenge. Fortunately, you can start leveraging (or honing) some of the strategies your competitors are using and begin filling these roles with the best talent in your field–whether construction, mining, or engineering–avoiding long gaps that can slow down company operations.

If you’re ready to move the best candidates into your open positions, contact us. Our main goal is to ensure that you’re able to find top talent that is an ideal fit for the candidate and your organization.

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